Drake Performance At Wireless 10 — Exclusive Videos From Crowd Experience

Drake Performance At Wireless 10 — Exclusive Videos From Crowd Experience

Spectators say that Drake totally owned his performance at the Wireless 10 event. Several people have uploaded various videos to show everyone the experience. Nothing but energy.

In a clever amendment of his mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drizzy Drake chose a background which read, “If you’re reading this, we made it.”

Earlier this week, you could see that Drake was very excited to be performing his music at the Wireless event. He even took to Instagram and Twitter to show his fans love.

And since then, Aubrey Graham’s listener have been on their posting P’s and Q’s.

And while Drake’s music is wowing the crowd at Wireless, if the above-tweet is correct, then Drizzy’s Views from the 6 rumors have just been rumors-only.

However, this too could be a rumor as there’s no supporting evidence to back it. As far as Drake’s music is concerned, all that can be done is to keep a watchful eye and overly-sensitive ear for anything to breaks way, right?

Nevertheless, from the exclusive videos from Wireless 10 — thanks to the many crowd members who have uploaded — Drake’s performance was a success, and people are looking forward to Friday’s festivities.

With Drake’s music having so much success, he shares his experience with his fans. To everyone that believed in him and his dream, “we made it.”

What about you? Are you able to see Drake at Wireless? Feel free to share your thoughts or your experiences in the comments below.

[Video and Photo Credits: Twitter]