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Sandra Lee Cancer Update: More Surgery Ahead For Food Network Star After Unexpected Setback

Food Network star Sandra Lee’s recovery from the double mastectomy she had in May is not going as well as expected. The long-time girlfriend of New York Governor Mario Cuomo may need more surgery, almost five weeks after she was released from a New York hospital.

Since her May 20 surgery, Sandra has been updating fans about her recovery on her Facebook page. Her thoughtful notes to her more than 400,000 followers have been honest and inspiring. Last week, the celebrity chef admitted that she is “not out of the woods,” although she was hoping to share better news.

“I sooo want to tell all of you that everything is going perfectly, that it’s fine, but what I hear is ‘You aren’t out of the woods yet.’ I feel like every time I go to a doctor’s appointment I’m looking for a gold star that never comes.”

The New York Daily News reports that Lee “hasn’t healed the way she is supposed to” and doctors are concerned that complications from her double mastectomy may force them to operate again. Sandra revealed on Facebook that it would be another four weeks before her doctor would make a decision on how to proceed.

Two weeks before she underwent surgery, Sandra Lee, 48, announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, sharing the upsetting news on Good Morning America. The celebrity chef and cookbook author told host Robin Roberts that a routine mammogram may have saved her life.

“I wanted you to know about the difficult news I recently received — I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I first shared this news publicly with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America today — because her own journey through this tough diagnosis was something that inspired me enormously — though I never dreamed I would be walking in her shoes. I am in good health. I have no family history.”

Since her surgery, she has shared the good days, and the bad, with her followers, keeping them updated about her progress and setbacks. Although the cancer she was diagnosed with — ductal carcinoma in situ — is said to be not a life threatening cancer, Sandra chose to have a double mastectomy to avoid the possibility of the DCIS developing into invasive breast cancer.

[Image: Facebook/Sandra Lee]