Has Apple Begun Production On The iPhone 7?

Apple has begun their early production on their next variation of the iPhone. Are they going to call the latest device the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7? It looks like Apple consumers will have to wait and see. Whenever more details are released, consumers will get a greater idea for what to expect from the technological giant. For now, the news confirming that the new iPhone production has started serves as a promising reminder that the next wave of Apple smartphones is on the way.

Bloomberg broke the initial story regarding Apple’s production of the iPhone. Once they did, the hopes of people wanting to get their hands on the next device were raised.

There have been details about the iPhone 7, or 6S possibly having dual cameras. The Inquisitr previously explained the usefulness of this likely addition. A dual camera feature would give the next wave of iPhones the flexibility needed to take perfect shots and make those memories lasting ones.

The gap regarding the photographic capabilities between Apple and the smartphone competition shrinks if the proposed dual camera is included. Wide shots that the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge boasts about in the commercials could be the future of the next wave of iPhones.

In the first quarter of 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Watch to the gadget community. It’s seemingly never-ending features were outstanding for a wristwatch. In making its owners happy, it raised the bar for any handheld device to follow it.

That means that while the new iPhone production is underway, some of the features that were installed in the Watch must be added to the iPhone 7 or 6S — whichever Apple is aiming at calling it.

Apple’s next iPhone does not have a name just yet for a reason. Going back to the iPhone 5, it sold out just about everywhere. Just when everyone was comfortable with their handheld gadgets, an adaptation of the iPhone 5 was released – the iPhone 5C.

It was an updated version of the phone you loved just with a few additional features. Some of the features were vital in the battle of technological supremacy. Now Apple must compete with not only the competition, but their own devices.

If you already own the Apple Watch, expect a similar touch screen on the next variation of iPhones. Sensitive to the touch? The new iPhone 7 or 6S will have it.

Once touched, the screen should give the user a bevy of options to choose from. It will be much like swiping the screen, how when doing so you are prompted with choices.

A wish list of features can be placed now that the new iPhone production is underway.

The Apple store has plenty of apps in the library, yet it is not as extensive as the Google Play app store. Also, with the sudden rise of the GoPro camera, having a camera with comparable if not of a better quality would be ideal.

Packed with the A9 processor, the iPhone 7 will be fast. Hopefully, it will be the fastest of all the smartphones on the market, handling multiple tasks seamlessly without interruption.

The news that Apple has begun production on the next iPhone is timely. Will the next device be called the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S? We will soon find out that, as well as more features.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images Entertainment]