‘Drink More Beer’ Road Sign In Michigan Sells For $600

In these days when road safety is key and drunken driving is a definite “no-no,” an electronic road sign bearing the slogan “drink more beer” definitely caught people’s attention.

While some thought that maybe the sign had been hacked, it turns out it is the real deal. The owner apparently wanted to sell the sign and used the eye-catching wording to attract potential buyers.

According to Yahoo! News, it seems the stunt worked, as he recently managed to sell the sign for around $600. The sign, programmed by its previous owner to display the bright yellow words “drink more beer,” was located on the property of an auction company in Bay County’s Frankenlust Township.

According to the owner of 1Bid.us, Curtis Pennell, the sign sold on June 22. Pennell said the owner suffered a stroke around 14 months ago and is in the process of selling all his belongings and moving to Montana.

MLive reported that Pennell declined to give the names of the new owners, but when asked why the sign was emblazoned with the words “drink more beer,” he said they’re not trying to push beer drinking or drunken driving.

“It’s not that we’re pushing beer-drinking or anything; that’s what he had it programmed for.”

It turned out to be the perfect eye-catching phrase as they only had the sign for a week when they managed to sell it. During that time, many confused people stopped to ask about the “drink more beer” caption.

“It was a hot topic around here.

“We’ve had a lot of guys pull up… and say, ‘Can we get our picture next to it?’ Probably 100 people came out to get their picture by it.”

While most people were interested and amused, Pennell did say he had some complaints about the fact that the sign was encouraging people to drink more beer, but he said they shouldn’t have taken offense to it, as it was purely an advertising stunt.

While many beer lovers did stop to take selfies next to the sign, Pennell says if any more want to do it, they’ll have to be quick as the sign will be removed Saturday.

Apparently the new owner is going to use the sign for advertising purposes too, but will be able to program his own slogan and won’t have to stick to the “drink more beer” announcement.

Meanwhile, according to an article in the Inquisitr, it can only benefit you health-wise if you actually do drink more beer. However, you should probably stay away from the road when you do.

[Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 Quinn Dombrowski]