Same-Sex Marriage Ruling By The Supreme Court: Conservative Reactions

Conservative Reactions To Same-Sex Marriage Ruling By The Supreme Court

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in favor of allowing gay marriage to take place in all 50 states. While it was previously legal in 36 states plus the District of Columbia, this ruling now invalidates the laws against same-sex marriage by the other 14 states and forces them to recognize the new law. People now have a Constitutional right to enter into same-sex marriages, per Fox News.

Many feel this will lead to a slippery slope of sorts, eventually hearing calls for polygamy and bestiality to be legalized. Others will argue that same-sex couples were being discriminated against all along, and that this ruling now legitimizes the way certain people choose to live their lives.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton voiced her opinion in favor of the ruling, though she also was against same-sex couples having the right to marry not long ago, per Twitchy.

Some folks on Twitter called Hillary out on her flip-flop.

No matter which political affiliation you may side with, the Supreme Court has spoken, and it will be very difficult to undo this new ruling, even if a Republican president takes office in January 2017.

What this issue will lead to is numerous lawsuits brought about by gay couples who will now force churches to go against their religious freedoms and have them perform marriage ceremonies.

As expected, President Obama celebrated the decision, though in the past he was vehemently against gay marriage and only came out in full support during the 2012 election cycle.

A plethora of those on the Right will say that this had nothing to do with love, rather it was due to the consistent bullying tactics pushed by the progressive Left who will stop at nothing until they get their way.

Here is Obama defining marriage as between “a man and a woman” in 2004, one of many instances in which he said so.

America now becomes the third country in less than a month to legalize same-sex marriage, following heavily Catholic Ireland and Mexico.

Where do you stand on gay marriage being legalized nationwide?

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