Deep Fried Big Mac

Deep-Fried Big Mac On A Stick — Who’s Lovin’ It?

Junk food junkies are rejoicing over the creation of a deep-fried Big Mac on a stick. You won’t find this calorie-laden burger on the McDonald’s menu, but the folks at Peep My Eats will show you how to make one of your very own.

In an attempt to make McD’s 563 calorie sandwich — complete with two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun — a bigger nutritional nightmare, the Peep My Eats blogger shared photos of his 1,500-plus calorie concoction on Instagram this week.

peep my eats big mac stick

Making it looks easy — coat the sandwich with eggs, roll in breadcrumbs, and drop it in the deep fryer. The stick is actually a plastic fork, but you could go all out and use silver one.

The deep-fried Big Mac quickly went viral online, with the feedback on Twitter surprisingly positive for a sandwich that appears to be a poster-child for cardiac issues.

Then there were those who just couldn’t stomach the idea of eating modified McDonald’s burger that just reeks of Paula Deen’s heart-stopping Lady’s Brunch Burger — a cheeseburger topped with bacon, a fried egg, and two glazed donuts replacing the bun.

A poll on Buzzfeed revealed that more than 41 percent of those who read about the deep-fried Big Mac thought it looked delicious, and 34 percent agreed that the sandwich is a “terrible, disgusting thing.” The rest of the readers who were polled simply didn’t care — or they were too busy in the kitchen trying to make their own.

Would you eat a deep-fried Big Mac?

[Image: Peep My Eats/ Wikimedia]