Ted 2

Jessica Barth: Love Scene With a Teddy Bear Was ‘Awkward’

Jessica Barth’s love scene in Ted 2 was more far difficult than it may appear.

In a recent interview, Barth revealed the teddy bear, which was prominently featured in the film, was not actually present during the filming of many of scenes. Instead, the 36-year-old actress was often forced improvise.

Ted 2, which is the sequel to the 2012 film Ted, follows the misadventures of a crude and foul-mouthed teddy bear. In the sequel, Ted marries his girlfriend Tami-Lynn — who is played by Jessica Barth.

Although the marriage has its ups and downs, Ted and Tami-Lynn are devastated when Ted is legally declared an object — as opposed to an individual. As a result, the couple’s marriage is annulled.

As reported by Shockya, the film is billed as comedy. However, “it also focuses on important life issues, including granting equal civil rights to everyone, and supporting friends and family during difficult times, no matter what’s happening between them.”

Although Ted 2 has a serious undertone, the actress said she had a great time participating in the film and working with Seth MacFarlane. However, Jessica Barth’s love scene with Ted was a specific challenge.

In an interview with WGN Radio, the actress said the said the scene was “awkward,” as her every movement was choreographed to mimic a romantic encounter with a teddy bear.

Although some of the scenes were uncomfortable for the actress, she said she managed to maintain her sense of humor during filming.

Thankfully, her patience and persistence paid off. Barth said she was “blown away” when she watched the film and saw how natural the love scene looked on the big screen.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jessica Barth took acting classes at Wilma Theater, West Chester University, and Vassar. Although she appeared in numerous stage productions, the young actress made her television debut in 2004.

Barth hit the big screen in 2005, with a role in Neo Ned. In addition to Ted and Ted 2, she also appeared in Next, Get Smart, and The Waterhole.

The actress has worked with Seth MacFarlane since 2007, as she was a voice character in MacFarlane’s critically acclaimed animated series Family Guy.

Jessica Barth’s love scene in Ted 2 was admittedly a bit of a challenge. However, she said she it was worth it and she is proud of the results.

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