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Russian Hairdresser Kidnaps Robber, Rapes him for Three Days


A hairdresser from Meshchovsk, a small town in Russia, subdued a would be robber at her salon, then tied him up in the back room and raped him for three days.

At the end of the day on March 14, Olga was dealing with the last of her customers for the weekend when a man forced his way into the salon and demanded money. Other customers and employees at the establishment complied with his demands, but unbenounced to the robber, Olga just happened to be a yellow belt in karate. She overcame the robber and dragged him into the back room, then told everyone she would hold him until the police arrived.

But Olga didn’t call the police, in fact, after everyone had left, she went to the back room and demanded that the robber remove his clothing and underwear, telling him if he didn’t do so she would hand him over to the police. He obeyed and, bound with a pair of pink furry handcuffs, spent the next 3 days at the mercy of Olga’s perverse imagination.

Monday morning before the hair salon reopened for business, the robber was freed and went directly to the hospital for treatment of injuries to his genitals. After leaving the hospital, he went to the police.

Olga was hostile when arrested later that day, saying:

“What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I’ve bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1.000 roubles (around $ 30) when he left.”

Both Olga and the robber Viktor have been charged and are awaiting sentencing.

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P.S. Must. Visit. Russia.

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33 Responses to “Russian Hairdresser Kidnaps Robber, Rapes him for Three Days”

  1. Tripster

    Please follow up on this. Maybe we can send Rod Blago over there from Illinois for a “vakation reality show”.. He needs the money!

    If she looks great send me instead. Cheers

  2. Wise_man

    Lol it is impossible to woman to rape… How is it possible to rape if the man doesn't have an erection

  3. Jackie Jones

    Wise_man, you're not so wise r u? If the penis is stimulated, it will get erect. Even if he doesn't want to do it. The fact that he didn't want to do it and he was hand-cuffed constitutes rape don't you? Perhaps you need to experience it to realise it is possible.

  4. bob

    in the America robbers rape woman, in Soviet Russia, woman rape robbers.

  5. Anonymous

    What’s with the perverse Russian sexuality, can’t the men and women be equals…?

  6. Nina Lukyanova

    hahahaha, I checked it in Russian news. It's actually a true story and both the hairdresser/rapist and the robber/victim are very likely to be going to jail for a couple of years.

  7. Buddy Love

    "…the robber was freed and went directly to the hospital for treatment of injuries to his genitals". DAYUM! LOL!

  8. Keith Washington

    Book me a flight to Russia and buy me a balaclava.

  9. Tony Mondlane

    stop the world! I want to get off! Raping a thief without knowing his health status is bad. Now she is in double troubles!

  10. Guy Serle

    I think the reaction to this post is very interesting, it is overall sarcastic in tone, but consider what the reaction would be if the roles were reversed? If a man subdued a female robber and then forcibly raped her I doubt anyone would make a humorous retort. There is a disparity between genders, leaving us in a very lopsided situation.

  11. Samuel Kelly

    The gap and double standards between the sexes makes me sick as does rape but I still want to high five this woman for flipping the roles for once. Imagine the media attention and shitstorm that would be created if the sexes were reversed in this situation. What I also got away from this is that Russian women are scary hardcore and not to be messed with.

  12. James Lee Moorhouse

    Rape is wrong. You want to hi5 someone for raping someone else just because she flipped the roles? Women's rights is one thing but to be happy for someone being raped is wrong and fucked up

  13. El Muertas

    in Russia it is normal… in Moscow raping is normal issue of daily rutine (according some statistics).. But at least as this article proves it is both-sides.. I don't approve that but… another country, another customs… and at least their law-system works good… not like ours for instance… Here in Czech Republic if man attacks a woman and want to rape her if she defend too much and do injury to attacker – in most cases she goes to jail too and mostly for longer period than the rapist himself…

  14. Seize Cri

    If i was poor and i went to rob an establishment…. And the owner( let me repeat the owner) jacked me up took the test(es) bought me clothes and money for a pack of fags bloody mary and some food!!!! Im going back like " baby, chill out on viagra, and were good to Go" so obviously he really is Stupid!!

  15. Eric Fritz

    James Lee Moorhouse …. he tried to rob her.. and then got money clothes and food… and got laid…. shut the fuck up, this guy should of been shot in the face the moment the robbery started.

  16. Jerome Lupisan

    It's hadifficult to take this report seriously. Poorly written. 'Unbenouced'?