The Watcher dream home

The Watcher: Dream Home Haunted By ‘The Watcher,’ Family Flees, Files Lawsuit

The Watcher is haunting a couple’s dream home in New Jersey, sending threatening letters to them, and leaving them afraid for their children’s lives.

According to the New York Post, Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased the 6-bedroom home for $1.3 million last year, but ever since they moved in, they have been receiving strange messages from someone who calls himself only as “The Watcher.”

The messages have gotten so intense, the family has chosen to leave the home. They have also filed a lawsuit against the previous owners, and against their apparent stalker, even though he hasn’t been identified. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the police have been notified, and are said to be working the case, but there haven’t been any leads so far.

The Watcher says he’s in charge of the couple’s dream home, and repeatedly makes threats against the couple’s children. Here are some of the messages that the couple received, each one signed “The Watcher.”

“Once I know their names I will call to them and draw them to me. I asked the (prior owners) to bring me young blood. And now I watch and wait for the day when [the] young blood will be mine again.”

“Have they found what is in the walls yet? In time they will. I am pleased to know your names and the names now of the young blood you have brought to me.”

“Will the young bloods play in the basement. Who has the rooms facing the street? I’ll know as soon as you move in. It will help me to know who is in which bedroom then I can plan better. All the windows and [doors] in [the house] allow me to watch you and track you as you move through the house.”

Many feel as though this is something straight out of a horror movie. And while this might be someone’s idea of a “funny” prank or a sick hoax, others feel like this could be a message from the dead — a spirit or a ghost that has some kind of unfinished business in this world.

The Watcher has ruined the dream home for the Broaddus family. According to the Washington Post, the family has been completely stressed over this, and has been “filled with anxiety” which is completely understandable. They had been trying to sell the home, but have been unsuccessful — perhaps for obvious reasons.

“At one point, the couple relisted the house for sale, according to the civil complaint. But the house has since been taken off the market.”

The Watcher told Derek and Maria that he used to write letters to other families who lived in the house. It is unknown if this is true, but Derek and Maria believe that the former owners knew about these letters, which is why they filed the lawsuit.

Do you think “The Watcher” is just someone playing a game or do you think these are letters from the dead?

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