Michael Jackson is being remembered six years after his death.

Michael Jackson: Six Years After His Death, His Legacy Remembered

Six years after the death of the the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, fans around the world are remembering the incredibly talented yet troubled singer.

In his hometown of Gary, Indiana, fans have left flowers and messages of love at the two-bedroom, white-framed house at 2300 Jackson St. where Michael Jackson, who died of prescription drug-induced heart failure at the age of 50, lived with his parents and eight siblings.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the house has become a draw for Jackson‘s fans, who flock to it to leave flowers and teddy bears around the anniversary of his death. Since his death in 2009, the yard has had to be fenced in after thousands of fans paying tribute trampled the grass. To avoid further damage, the yard was fenced off and a granite monument was erected in the front yard.

In Los Angeles, a fan group will make its annual Michael Jackson memorial tour for fans to share their memories of the singer, reports Yahoo News.

The 12-hour tour starts off at a set location in Los Angeles, journeys to Michael’s Beverly Hills home, to his Forest Lawn gravesite and finally to the Neverland ranch once owned by Jackson, which is now being sold at a whopping $100 million.

A really cool tribute to Michael Jackson comes from the Grammy-winning a cappella quintet, Pentatonix, which has released a medley of the pop star’s hits.

Released a few days ago, the quintet garnered three million views in less than three days with the evolution-style medley.

Pentatonix pays tribute to Michael Jackso by covering some his greatest hits in six minutes, from the Jackson 5’s “ABC” to more recent hits like “You Are Not Alone” and “Heal the World.”

One annual tribute is the One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, in which fans make a pilgrimage to his Los Angeles grave at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles to pay tribute to the King of Pop.

In order to allow fans worldwide to participate, organizers organized the One Rose website with a Paypal account so people can purchases roses and pay their respects.

The rose purchasing option has closed this year, but fans can still see the tribute to Michael Jackson at the memorial blog.

How are you remembering Michael Jackson on this, the sixth anniversary of the beloved entertainer, who died much too soon?

[Image via Internation Business Times]