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WWE News: Daniel Bryan Suffering From Career-Threatening Concussion, WWE Attempted To Keep The Truth From Fans?

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been out of action for some time now. Most had no idea what was going on with him. It was assumed that Bryan re-aggravated the injury he came back from earlier in the year. It made sense to think, as Bryan had barely been back and had spoken about issues with his arm. However, this was not the case. While Daniel Bryan was having to get used to being back, he actually was taken out of action for a completely different reason than we thought.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Daniel Bryan has a career-threatening concussion. There had been rumblings of a concussion right after the injury was said to have occurred. However, no one knew for sure, and it remained a rumor until now.

Many have been forced to retire due to concussions, especially in today’s pro-wrestling world where we know a lot more about head injuries. WWE does not want to put Bryan in their ring and have him get so hurt that he will never be able to live the same life he did before. One blow to the head with a serious head problem and we could always have another Chris Benoit incident. Benoit was confirmed to have CTE, a major head injury that is caused by multiple blows to the head.

Remember a while back when WWE management and fans were concerned for Daniel Bryan after his match with returning Sheamus on WWE SmackDown a while back? This match happened to be the first WWE SmackDown after WrestleMania. Sheamus had returned at WWE RAW earlier in the week.

It was this particular SmackDown that Bryan was originally said to have been hurt. They were about to go on the annual post-WrestleMania European Tour at the time. Daniel Bryan ended up going, but was suffering issues on the tour. WWE ended up sending him home early to get evaluated. It is now pretty much confirmed that his match with Sheamus was where he got hurt, but no one really knew this at the time. WWE only had the idea of it once they were on the tour and problems started to show.

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WWE kept the Daniel Bryan injury under wraps, most likely due to the major concussion lawsuit WWE is facing right now. In fact, WWE has kept most injuries quiet, whether they were head related or not, since the lawsuit came about.

How did the secret get out, you might wonder?

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

Hart recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated, where he was asked about Daniel Bryan and gave the secret away that WWE was trying to keep. He compared his injury at the hands of Goldberg to Bryan’s and claimed that Daniel would never wrestle again. Hart, of course, sustained a career-ending concussion when Goldberg superkicked him quite hard around 16 years ago.

Interestingly, Hart has had matches since then in WWE, and he had strokes since his retirement, as well. While they were over a decade later, they did happen. So, who’s to say that Daniel Bryan could not return, as well?

As of now, though, it is impossible to know if Daniel Bryan could return. He will be evaluated for quite a while, and he will have to pass several tests before being cleared. For now, Daniel Bryan is a judge on WWE Tough Enough, so there seems to be no rush in getting him in the ring when he can be used on television in other ways. We will have to see what happens for him after that, however, and if WWE has a place for him, should his career be over.

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