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TNA News: Jeff Jarrett Makes Shocking Return To ‘Impact Wrestling’, Will Compete At ‘Slammiversary’

In one of the most shocking things in TNA or simply wrestling history, Jeff Jarrett shockingly returned to Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night. He name dropped his Global Force Wrestling promotion like crazy, but he was there regardless. He spoke about what led him to come back. As both Karen Jarrett and Jeff spoke about the return to TNA, they were quite emotional.

They spoke about how Jeff Jarrett was fired in a random backstage pre-tape by Sting and this was not the way that he wanted go out, especially from the promotion that he and his father created. No one could possibly blame him for that. So when TNA made the offer for Jeff to not only come back but to be in the match he created, The King Of The Mountain match, he was open to it for sure.

Double J told the world that he would be at Slammiversary this Sunday to have his last match in TNA Wrestling. It is the last time Jeff will ever appear in TNA, and could be his last match. While this is unknown, Jarrett admitted that he doesn’t even wrestle for his own promotion so him even having a match at all would be crazy….especially for TNA.

However, the way he went out was terrible. He deserved far better. The fans wanted to see him go out better than he did, but despite putting TNA in the rear view mirror…Jarrett knew he wanted to leave the right way.

There was word this past week that Jeff Jarrett had a big announcement coming, which seemed to be this. However, many believe that Jeff Jarrett is trying to buy majority ownership in TNA soon or simply have a merger between Global Force Wrestling an TNA. This is a stretch to say the least, but due to TNA having major issues as of late…there is a thought that this is possible.

While TNA may not be doing well and could lose their TV deal soon, that does not mean Dixie Carter is willing to sell. On top of that, it would not make sense for Jarrett to buy a dying company and take on the debt. Even if TNA goes into bankruptcy, the only thing they have of value that would help Jarrett is the video library. In the end, this only helps for random DVDs. Jarrett would never want to pick up the TNA contracts due to how big they are. Regardless, this was only a rumor and may stay as such.

While TNA is still in extreme trouble, the chance of them selling any time soon is doubtful. Carter will go down with this ship. She may sell the library, but even then the only company that would benefit from it is WWE and they may not even want it.

Matt Morgan and Hernandez made their TNA returns on Wednesday as well. Both have been linked to Jarrett’s GFW promotion, so TNA and GFW may be doing a small talent exchange to help them both for a bit. The big news coming out of the night is that Jeff Jarrett is back, if only for one night….and he’s coming for the win on Sunday.

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