Tom Holland Cast As Marvel Spiderman

Tom Holland Will Be Marvel’s Spider-Man! Wait, Who Is Tom Holland? [Video]

On Tuesday, Marvel fans learned that actor Tom Holland would be portraying Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This information was most likely immediately followed by the question, “Who the heck is Tom Holland?” The British-born actor isn’t nearly as familiar to American audiences as Benedict Cumberbatch, who signed on to portray Dr. Strange.

At 19, Holland is considerably younger than Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield. Garfield made a strong impression as Spider-Man; some fans had hoped he would reprise the role. Both Marvel and Sony insisted that this was impossible. That opened the door to a broad range of new possibilities.

For a while, there was a rumor that Teen Wolf Dylan O’Brien could be cast as Spider-Man. But the actor insisted that though he was a fan of the character, he had not been asked to audition. It was clear from pretty early on that Marvel was seeking younger actors, teenagers in particular. Many of them unknown or not as well-known as other actors in current Marvel movies.

When the dust settled, Tom Holland emerged our new Peter Parker, and quite a few people are still scratching their head about it.

Do you know Holland from anything? Well, Entertainment Weekly thinks you might recognize from the 2013 Thailand flood film The Impossible. Even if you missed this project, you’ll have a chance to become acquainted with Tom in December. He’s set to star alongside another Marvel actor: Chris Hemsworth. The two will appear in In The Heart of the Sea together.

EW shared that it wasn’t his screen credits that landed Tom Holland the role of Spider-Man. Not surprising because we wouldn’t be wondering who he is if that were the case. Instead, Holland became a lock after a series of “complex screen tests”.

What’s very interesting about the implications here are that Holland didn’t just land the role based off of reading lines from a script; he seems to have impressed in terms of his acrobatic capabilities. In recent days, Tom posted clips of himself doing flips in slow-motion. Was this a major hint that was missed?

Ready or not, Tom Holland is our new Spider-Man. The character is set to be introduced in Captain America: Civil War and then get a stand alone film. Fans of Marvel have been anxiously waiting to see Spider-Man return “to the fold.” Now we’ll finally get the chance to see how Spider-Man would interact with the likes of Iron Man and Thor.

Are you excited about Spider-Man? What do you think of casting Tom Holland in the role? Comment below with your thoughts on this big news!

[Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]