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Pauly D Lawsuit: Paul DelVecchio’s Insane ‘Jersey Shore’ Salary Revealed During Ongoing Legal Battle

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DJ Pauly D’s Jersey Shore salary has been revealed in a lawsuit filed on Thursday in Los Angeles by his former talent agency, International Creative Management.

According to E!Online, ICM submitted court documents to L.A. Superior Court alleging that the 31-year-old “Jersey Shore” star owes the company $370,000 in commission he refused to pay up for the past two seasons of the show, plus 10 percent of what he makes during the show’s upcoming (sixth) season.

The documents state that, Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, made as much as $150,000 per episode during season five, totaling $2.1 million for the 12 episodes and that figure will jump up to $175k for each episode in season six.

International Creative Management believes they are entitled to DelVecchio’s money because “standard custom and practice in the entertainment industry that talent agencies are entitled to post-termination commissions on all deals they negotiate for their client.”

Meanwhile, DelVecchio’s lawyers seemed dismayed that ICM would reveal how much the young actor gets paid, citing the firm’s decision to “disclose his confidential business affairs to the public in disregard of any duties it owes as a talent agency.”

While a portion of Pauly D’s financials were put on display for the world to gawk at, it is unclear if all of the Jersey Shore stars are earning the same per episode stipend. However it has previously been reported at least several members of the cast earned $100,000 per episode for Season 4 which premiered in August 2011.

Besides Jersey Shore, DelVecchio is currently starring in his own spin-off, “The Pauly D Project,” which had become one of the top 10 cable shows since its March 29 debut. It shows his “transition from world-famous housemate to world-class DJ, with his best friends from his home state of Rhode Island along for the ride.”

Readers chime in: Are you surprised that Pauly D is pulling in $150K per episode of Jersey Shore?

Source:Ace Showbiz
Image: Infinity Dish

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37 Responses to “Pauly D Lawsuit: Paul DelVecchio’s Insane ‘Jersey Shore’ Salary Revealed During Ongoing Legal Battle”

  1. Scott Werner

    Being from Jersey, as in 'Born and Raised there' I am surprised people support this show at all? None of them are from NJ? I know when I say, They do not represent NJ in any way, shape. or form.

  2. Susan Flanary

    I wish someone would pay me that kind of money to act stupid, fight with people and get drunk every night! This is not entertainment and it represents everything that is WRONG with this country and it's youth. Enough said.

  3. Anonymous

    Well Pauly D is 31, I wouldn't exactly classify him as the youth part of this country.

  4. Ray Valverde

    Approximately, 30% of the Homeless in America are children under 18, about 20% are Veteran's of The United States Military.
    Some Douche who packs his hair in a cone full of grease, and a orange tan, makes $150,000 an episode, to get drunk, have sex with strange women, pick fights and act like a Kardashian.
    Remember the days when it took a college education and hard work to become successful?
    The sad truth is, that this scum represent the 'new' american dream: act like a turd eating douche bag on TV, air out your insecurity, show the world that you are shallower than a rain puddle on a Los Angeles sidewalk and and get rich.
    This is propaganda created by the 1% to justify overt greed, pride, gluttony, wrath and sloth, and to create audience envy and lust. All the virtues that people all over the world see in Americans daily.
    I weep for the future of this country and our children.

  5. Mark Stepanek

    H.L. Mencken said it best "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." Sadly, American television has been in a headlong rush to the bottom of an ever deepening creative cesspool, and shows like Jersey Shore and its ilk are quintessential examples of the detritus of American "culture", and the fact that television programmers couldn't care less what they put on t.v. as long as they are getting sufficient numbers to guarantee advertising revenue. Whether it's the occasional "guilty pleasure" watcher or the dyed in the wool can't get enough of this crap full time fan, people seem to be tuning in, so this kind of mind numbingly dumb white trash television is propagating like an opportunistic parasitic microorganism until it has taken over the host entity entirely. Frankly, it doesn't surprise me to see crap like this on EMPTY V, but when half or more of the programming on channels like History, and Discovery are also bullshit white trash shows populated by talentless low brow losers being turned into instant "celebrities" it is a sad day indeed. The executives who green light all this garbage "reality" programming should be embarrassed, and pilloried and excoriated in a public square somewhere.
    It only adds insult to injury to know that people like Pauly D and the creative geniuses behind these shows are getting rich, while there are innumerable well educated, trained, and talented actors, and writers who are struggling to find any work at all, let alone meaningful good paying consistent employment. Obviously this kind of television says something about where our culture is headed and human nature in general, and what it says isn't flattering in the least.

  6. Anonymous

    Pauly D appears to be the best kid of the cast of Jersey Shore – good for him on earning a top salary. However, too bad the article writer couldn't actually write clearly and tabulate math correctly in the article ($150,000 x 12 = $1.8 Million — $2.1 Million will be his new salary for season 6 at $175,000 per episode). FYI – in 2010, Jersey Shore earned $600 Million PROFIT for the parent company of MTV. They earned it because people tuned in to watch these cast members. It's all about advertising dollars and viewership. Content doesn't matter at all on commercial television.

  7. Anonymous

    Actually, some of them ARE from New Jersey – even born and raised in New Jersey. People have been behaving this way in Seaside Heights for ever. The only difference is that this crew figured out how to make a killing from it, unlike many of the people who have been behaving this way at the shore for years. Maybe that's why some local people are angry because they wish they figured it out for themselves.

  8. Scott Werner

    captalfred Sorry dude check your info, NONE of them were born or lived in NJ til that show.

  9. Craig Shute

    You know what else is wrong with this country? People don't know that 'it's' = 'it is', and 'its' is possessive.

  10. Rob Liano

    I'm surprised that so many Americans watch this trash, stuff that belittles their intelligence and sets a poor example for society, so much so that these mostly talentless "actors" can earn that much of an income to be on these shows.

  11. Rob Liano

    I've played many a gig on the Jersey shore and yes, there are knuckleheads such as these all over NJ and NY for that matter!

  12. Rob Liano

    The truth is that the sheeple in this country buy this trash!

  13. Anonymous

    You know what else is wrong with this country? Correcting people you don't know for they're grammatical mistakes.

  14. Janet Hoggard

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  15. Jen Trimble

    I love how there's no food in our fridge right now and the gas tanks empty…but they're getting paid that much money to act like f**ktards…

  16. David Eads

    If you're that hungry…eat those cats in your profile pic….just food for thought!!!

  17. Cristofer Romero

    Haha, don't pay attention to mr. Shuttle.He is just trying to protecta fellow douchebag. Amusing thought somewhat sad.

  18. Cristofer Romero

    Only in the USA. But then don't wonder why Europe feels superior.

  19. Jack Jacking

    No, we can just relax and not get worked up over something stupid. Go pull that cock out of your ass and lighten up. Please help me, I'm a sheep….I bought in the Jersey Shore.

  20. Jack Jacking

    Shutup old man. You sound like an old angry mom. "Oh these kids now a days, I remember back in my day….." Shut your cock holster and loosen up, you need some pussy in your life.

  21. Ray Valverde

    Jack Jacking – Trolls are just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside. Got nothing better to do with your time, then anonymously troll someone you don't know on the internet? Ooo, you are a real badass, should I be scared of some pud licking, corn holer who doesn't even have the nads to put his real name up? All you are doing is stroking your own ego. Did you call all your friends (both of them) to tell them how you anonymously attacked a 56 year old Veteran online and called him an 'angry mom' (Dude Seriously? That has got to be the lamest insult ever, you might want to go back to school finish the 3rd grade and develop some usable verbal skills) BTW I get pussy 3x a night every night, you can keep Jacking Jack, that's the only hole you mini-unit will fit in, and you want to be yanking your crank at full force when you troll a Veteran, cuz it makes you feel like you actually have something between your legs (beside your hand) and your boyfriend's wang. (I guess I wouldn't show my face if I were you either, all the crusted fecal matter around your mouth isn't pretty to look at, sure your boyfriend likes to see you that way, but at least you have the dignity to not burden the rest of the world with your A2M antics, it really is better left in your mother's basement)- you have a nice day now…..

  22. Rob Liano

    Jack Jacking And these are happy words of wisdom or angry words of ignorance?

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