Amber Rose's Tattoo Cover Up — Wiz Khalifa 'As Long As You're About What You Say' [Update] II

Amber Rose’s Tattoo Cover Up — Wiz Khalifa ‘As Long As You’re About What You Say’ [Update]

Amber Rose’s tattoo of Wiz Khalifa is no more, as you probably know. What happened to her words during a recent interview? Rose stated that she wasn’t going to remove it.

Amber, like the rest of humanity, is human. Minds change, right? Though Rose mentioned in an interview with Big Boy that she wasn’t going to remove Wiz Khalifa’s face from her arm, it seems that she has, as reports Inquisitr.

In a previous article, just days ago, the news source told of Amber’s cover-up.

“…Amber Rose was seen leaving Dr. Tattoff, a tattoo removal facility in San Fernando Valley. Rose wouldn’t tell the photographer what she had removed, but based on the bandage, odds are that the offending tattoo was the portrait of ex-husband Wiz Khalifa on her right arm.”

At first, some of Rose’s fans were saying it was a hoax — and that her tattoo was actually on the other arm. An example is on a recent piece MTV reported about Amber’s tattoo removal. While the news medium only questioned Amber’s Instagram video, defenders quickly jumped in the comments.

Amber Rose's Tattoo Cover Up — Wiz Khalifa 'As Long As You're About What You Say' [Update]
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It would be nice if it were only a rumor. Unfortunately, the news medium was indeed stating fact. As it turns out, Amber Rose did get the tattoo removed.

As can be seen from the photos, Wiz Khalifa has been removed from Rose’s body. And it appears that Amber was very ready to flaunt it via her Instagram. As seen in her video, she places her arm where it can be seen, clearly.

The Inquisitr‘s article was written on June 21. TMZ reported it the same day, as well. So, it happened over the weekend. Accordingly, it could be possible that she spoke to Wiz about it prior to removing the tat. On June 19, last Friday, Khalifa tweeted a vague post — which could make more sense now that things are in perspective.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Amber told Khalifa and this was his response? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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