Skyrim Getting Kinect Support This Month

Late last year, we got to see what Skyrim could look like with Kinect functionality thanks to the Kinect hacking community. Now, it looks like we’ll be getting more official Kinect support for Skyrim, straight from the developers themselves.

Bethesda announced on Thursday that Skyrim will be receiving Kinect support on the Xbox 360 by way of a free update later this month. The developer says that support for over 200 voice commands will be added in, including shouts (yes, this means you now have a good excuse to shout “Fus Ro Dah!” at your television).

That’s not all you’ll be able to do with Kinect, Bethesda says. You’ll also have access to additional hotkey options, the ability to issue commands to your companions, the ability to navigate menus with the Kinect, and several other yet-unannounced options.

Bethesda isn’t saying exactly when the update is expected to hit Xbox Live, nor do we know the full extent of the Kinect functionality for Skyrim, but the developer promises we’ll be hearing more about it soon as the update nears closer to release.

To show how Skyrim‘s Kinect functionality will work, Bethesda put together a video highlighting some of the ways you’ll be able to use Microsoft’s motion control peripheral. To check that out, see the video below.