Hubble Telescope UFO Galaxy

UFO Galaxy Image By Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope has spotted a galaxy over 35 million light years away from Earth referred to as NGC 2683. NASA officials wrote:

“NGC 2683 is a spiral galaxy seen almost edge-on, giving it the shape of a classic science fiction spaceship.”

The galaxy was originally discovered by famous astronomer William Herschel on February 5, 1788.

There has been discussion that the NGC 2683 is a barred spiral galaxy. Unfortunately the Hubble, along with other telescopes, make directly viewing the structure of the galaxy quite difficult. NASA officials offered the following explanation:

“In particular, it gives astronomers a great opportunity to see the delicate dusty lanes of the spiral arms silhouetted against the golden haze of the galaxy’s core, in addition, brilliant clusters of young blue stars shine scattered throughout the disc, mapping the galaxy’s star-forming regions.”

Astronomers experimenting with different combinations of light spectrum such as the combination of two perspectives, one in visible light and the other in infrared. Using Hubble’s Advanced Camera For Surveys, they created a new image of the UFO Galaxy. This picture was made public March 26. The Hubble light detectors caused a blurry strip across the outer edge of the image. Scientists filled in the gaps with pictures from basic telescopes.

The galaxy is located in the Lynx constellation in the northern region of the sky. The credit goes to the astronomers at the Astronauts Memorial Planetarium and Observatory in Cocoa, Fla., who declared NGC 2683 was a cosmic UFO.

What are your thoughts on this latest marvel discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope (HTS) in the depths of space?