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Mystery Fireball in Texas? NASA Scientists Revise Opinion- It Wasn’t a Jet!

Of course, NASA would say the mystery fireball spotted in Texas earlier this month is nothing special, that’s all part of the coverup!

Just kidding! NASA has weighed in on the mystery fireball in Texas that made an appearance on April 4th, with one of their scientists saying that the strange object in the sky “originally believed to be a meteor burning up as it entered Earth’s atmosphere, was actually a flying jet and its contrains.”

But a second glance at the situation has revealed that the presence of two separate things in the sky at the same time initially confused NASA, and that the orange fireball seen in the sky was actually a glowing meteor after all. The site Life’s Little Mysteries has been on the case since curious Texas began investigating the fireball, and their writers spoke to NASA scientists both before and after the mystery fireball was investigated:

“…the American Meteor Society recorded numerous reports of the daytime fireball in Texas at approximately 11:50 a.m. Central Time. According to Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, these reports describe an actual meteor, not the erroneous and unrelated footage of a jet contrail aired on WOAI News.

“‘The video was of a jet contrail, but there WAS an actual daytime fireball over Texas on [April 2]. Two different things happening at about the same time, which always leads to confusion,’ Cooke told Life’s Little Mysteries.”

Further, the site says, the confusion was compounded by a local news station using stock footage of a jet contrail to illustrate the story, leading some to dismiss the mystery fireball in Texas as one. It sounds like getting an impromptu sky show when the original mystery fireball in Texas was spotted would have been very cool indeed- one eyewitness likened the display to “a little piece of the sun falling.”