Amazon Kindle Touch 5.1 Upgraded

Amazon Kindle Touch 5.1 Gets Updated, Adds Landscape and Translation Modes

Amazon has spent a majority of its time lately pushing its Google Android powered Amazon Kindle Fire onto its customers but that doesn’t mean the company has given up on traditional e-Readers. In fact Amazon on Thursday announced an update to its Amazon Kindle Touch 5.1 OS.

Under the new update the Kindle Touch adds the ability to change from portrait to landscape models quickly and easily, while the company has also rolled out Bing powered language translation which can be accessed after a user highlights text on their devices display.

The new update is currently supported by US and UK English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Amazon Kindle Touch 5.1 also offers automatic word suggestions when a user it type and it allows for social sharing via Facebook and Twitter which should help the device excel over many other e-readers that do not offer that type of functionality.

The Kindle Touch is expected to start shipping to Europe by the end of the month where it will sell for £169 ($270) with 3G and £109 ($174) for Wi-Fi only. Those expected ship dates likely explain this most recent update to the system.

If you simply can’t wait to download the 5.1 update you can visit Amazon’s website otherwise you can simply wait for on-device updates to be available sometime in the near future.
Will you be updating your Amazon Kindle Touch devices thanks to these new features or is a Google Android powered Kindle Fire or an iOS powered Apple iPad more up your alley?