Urban Meyer Addresses Accusations of Favoritism

Earlier this week, The Sporting News published a rather scathing article about Urban Meyer, claiming that the former Florida Gators coach showed favoritism towards star players, and that the football program let discipline slide for some players.

While Meyer isn’t necessarily denying favoritism for star players, the former coach shot down accusations that the Gators football program committed any NCAA violations.

“If you go to class, you’re a warrior, you do things the right way on and off the field and you’re completely committed to helping us win, you’re going to get treated really good,” Meyer said at a press conference. “You’re going to get nice gear, you’re going to get to move off campus.

“Guys that don’t go that hard and aren’t committed, it’s real difficult. You can’t please everyone.”

Meyer went on to question the intent of the accusations, which he says amounts to throwing “great” players “under the bus.”

“I’m extremely proud of what we did down there. And throwing great players — not good players, great players — under the bus like that, I don’t get the intent,” he added. “I’ll fight for those guys, man. Those guys did a lot of great things for the University of Florida. And to sit there and call them out four or five years later, I’m not sure of the intent, once again.

“But I’ll always fight for those guys.”

via ESPN