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Miley Cyrus: Alice in Wonderland is perverted, about ectasy


The brains trust is alive and well in the Cyrus household. Fresh from mocking Asians, Miley Cyrus is now warning (presumably non-Asian) kids about the dangers of….Lewis Carroll.

Miley tells next month’s Teen Vogue that Alice in Wonderland is “such a perverted movie…It’s all about Ecstasy. I swear! Look it up online.”

As Page Six notes, Lewis Carroll wrote the book in 1865, and Disney made the movie in 1951, long before Ecstasy became popular.

Next stop on the Miley Cyrus express now absolutely has to be a run for Congress :-)

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11 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Alice in Wonderland is perverted, about ectasy”

  1. Stanley

    Here are just 2 of the many links I found confirming Miley's statement. When I was little my father said it was about drug use and I have been hearing that Alice in Wonderland was a deliberate reference to Drug use since I was a child.….

    So Is she wrong? I don't think she is, a least not 100%. The only person who really know is the person who wrote the book, and if my memory serves me right, there is some evidence that Lewis Carroll really was referencing drug use in the society of his time.

  2. PentaxMan

    What a moron she is turning out to be. Perhaps the next Britney Spears?

  3. jill

    Ecstasy wasn't even around in the 1800's, when the book was written. dumbies.

  4. you

    it's about opium…not ecstacy. And Opium is a hallucinagen…it doesn't make you horny.

  5. Faith

    LOL. miley is such a frickin ditz but ya gotta love her shes funny

  6. Riley

    I'm probably one of the few people who've actually read the Alice in Wonderland books. They are not about drugs. Lewis Carroll wrote the book for the three daughters of his friend, Henry Liddell. It was just meant as an entertaining story for kids. I can see how people would get mixed up and think they are about drugs, but in reality, they are not. Miley Cyrus shouldn't talk about things if she doesn't know the facts. >.>

    BTW, the books are amazingly good. ^^

  7. Benjamin Himes

    Ummm… Opium is definitely not a hallucinogen…
    It's kind of like heroin, only about 5% of the potency.

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