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MTV Exes Jeremy Calvert & Corey Simms Bond Over Divorces From ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer [Report]

MTV exes Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms have reportedly settled their differences. Although the two men were often seen at odds during past episodes of Teen Mom 2, they recently realized they have something major in common — their issues with Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer.

In October 2010, nearly one year after welcoming twins Ali and Aleeah Simms, now 5, Messer married Simms in a made-for-TV ceremony, which aired during a 2011 episode of Teen Mom 2. Several months later, however, Messer admitted to cheating on Simms with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, just hours before the ceremony, and by the summer of 2011, the couple was divorced. Less than one year later, Messer married Calvert, and their April 2012 wedding was captured for a 2013 episode of Teen Mom 2. Two years after that, Messer and Calvert’s marriage appeared to be on the rocks, both on the show, with their constant bickering over Calvert’s work schedule, and off, with Calvert accusing Messer of cheating on him with Kidd, as well. Then, earlier this month, their divorce was made official

In addition to their divorces, Messer’s MTV exes also have her reported cheating in common — and the man she was accused of cheating with (Kidd). Luckily, after all the men have been through with the troubled reality star (Messer is reportedly in rehab for depression), they’ve finally settled their differences and developed a true friendship.

On June 18, a source revealed the following to Radar Online in regard to the MTV exes.

“Though they used to fight, Corey and Jeremy have a great relationship now. They obviously dealt with a lot of the same issues. And now that they talk, Jeremy can see Corey’s side in his past arguments with Leah.”

The MTV exes are constantly in contact, always making an effort to ensure their daughters spend tons of quality time with one another — especially now that their mother is in rehab.

“They arrange visits because they don’t want the sisters to be separated all the time. It’s important to them that they all have a close relationship.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the MTV exes may come together during the upcoming reunion taping for Season 6. Although Simms’ role has yet to be confirmed, a source recently told Radar Online that Calvert was planning to confront Messer about her cheating on the show.

For more of the MTV exes, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on July 9 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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