Abandoned Baby: You Won't Believe The Reason

Abandoned Baby: Grandfather Explains Why He’s Caring For Child, And The Reason Is Infuriating

An abandoned baby in India has many on social media shaking their heads after the reason her parents left her was revealed.

While most parents wouldn’t think of giving up on their child, even for the gravest of conditions, this child’s mother and father ditched her for a reason that many find infuriating. The child suffers from a rare skin condition that covers her in wrinkles, thus giving her the appearance of a very old person in a child’s body.

Luckily, the abandoned baby has a caring grandfather, 50-year-old Dilip Dode, who tells the Mirror that she was born premature (at seven months) and weighed less than two pounds. Before the child was even able to receive hospital care, Dode managed to keep her alive on goat’s milk for two weeks.

“I am thankful to the hospital for giving free medical treatment to my granddaughter,” he said. “It is really disheartening that even her parents have rejected her but I will go to any extent to save her.”

Dode said that his son and daughter-in-law, who are parents to a healthy three-year-old child, did not want to deal with the skin condition, so they basically gave up on her.

“During my daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, my son had taken her for regular check ups at the primary health care center in our village, but doctors never told them there was any problem with the baby.”

Dode said that the child attracted quite a crowd of villagers when they heard about the skin condition. Most would come to the home to have a look at the little girl, but they were in fear of catching whatever disease the child had, so they refused to hold her.

The same allegedly goes for the child’s parents.

“Even my son and daughter-in-law refused to accept her as they were embarrassed to have given birth to her,” Dode said in comments reported by MyInforms.

The staff caring for the child has agreed to provide for the $8,000 in medical expenses, and they have arranged for Dode to stay close-by. Staff members also report that while the child was dehydrated when her grandfather brought her in, she is improving.

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Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala said the child could be suffering from Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation and possibly abnormal chromosomes.

“But we can’t tell the actual problem until we get the full results from the laboratory,” said Bodhanwala. “We will keep this baby in the hospital for a long time.”

Parents of the abandoned baby have not spoken to the press, but commenters on social media have had plenty to say.

“She is precious! Her parents are losers! Her paternal grandfather is a wonderful saint!”

“Shame on her parents for abandoning her!”

“So sad. It’s funny you always think your parents will love you no matter what. Not the case here. I pray that she grows up to be an extraordinary person. The grandfather should be commended for his loyalty and compassion to this baby.”

What do you think of the circumstances surrounding this abandoned baby? Do you think it’s fair to be harsh on the parents if it’s true that they weren’t informed of deformities while the child was developing, or should they be prosecuted for rejecting their daughter? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via The Mirror, linked above]