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‘Stillborn’ Baby Found by Grieving Mother Alive in Argentinian Morgue

stillborn baby alive in morgue

A premature baby thought to be stillborn was found by her mother, alive, after 12 hours in a morgue in northern Argentina.

Analia Bouter was only six months pregnant when she went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl she’d planned to name Liliana Abigail or Luciana Abigail. The baby was to be her fifth child, but when the little girl was born on April 3rd at 10:24 AM, doctors told Bouter that her daughter was stillborn. The distraught parents returned home to grieve, in possession of a death certificate citing “unknown causes” instead of their baby girl.

But Bouter couldn’t bear to leave her daughter in the morgue without at least getting a picture of the child- and she got a massive shock when she returned to visit her baby’s “body.” The mother of five said she believed she was hallucinating, because when the drawer in which the child resided was opened, she heard a cry- and she says she observed her tiny, frost-covered child breathing after twelve hours in the morgue refrigerator.

Bouter says:

“We went to the morgue, and they showed us the casket nailed closed. My husband managed to open the drawer, where we found her wrapped in a white sheet and saw her tiny hand touch her face… I fell to my knees.”

She explains that the little girl was literally ice cold after her half-day languishing in the drawer:

“My baby was born at 10:24am and at 11:05am was already in the drawer. She spent 12 hours in the freezing cold of that morgue. I saw for myself the ice on her body.”

Investigations are underway as to how the error could have occurred. Chaco province undersecretary for health Rafael Sabatinelli said the incident will be investigated fully, and commented:

“Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this.”

After the strange circumstances of her birth and survival, the baby’s parents have opted to call her “Luz Milagros,” which roughly translates to “Miracle Light.”

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74 Responses to “‘Stillborn’ Baby Found by Grieving Mother Alive in Argentinian Morgue”

  1. Jessica Garza Contreras

    Omg I fell for the mother..messed up glad she ok.. =)

  2. Josephine Martinez

    woww now thats a miracle…especially for her to be born prematurally and survived that long in the cold…bless that lil babys heart

  3. Danielle Dallas

    Omg!!!God led that women back to her child..
    She couldn't rest because God had a miracle in store for her and her family…that's a beautiful awful story!!!if that makes any sense…wow!!!

  4. Danielle M Beatty

    thank god the mom went back to take a photo the poor baby would have died from the cold and they would have never known glad the baby is ok god bless her.

  5. Danielle M Beatty

    thank god the mom went back to take a photo the poor baby would have died from the cold and they would have never known glad the baby is ok god bless her.

  6. Kaysha Griffin Pettaway

    I am so grateful that this baby not only lived, but God saved her. Every baby born is a miracle, and this is nothing short of a greater one. Prayers for baby's continued good health.

  7. Ashley Delisi

    That makes u wonder how many times thts happend before

  8. Latyra Doinme Matthews

    May god keep them And believe it was only his work that this special Baby is here amen miracle child :-( tears

  9. Suzanne Phaneuf Yeager

    And who says there is no God? Not only did he give the child life, he led the mom to her. That clearly proves God is in charge. We were not created by amoeba with no purpose. God made us and gave us life. Beautiful story.

  10. Kristi Voss

    The babys mommy and daddy and family cares. You're an ASSHOLE for even saying that. Let your baby go to the morgue and still be alive and freezing for 12 hours and then see and say who cares….

  11. Frank Malickson

    There are so many horrible things that happen in this world.It is nice to see a miracle to restore one's faith again.
    Praise God

  12. Denise Gray Farrior

    Oh my God! Miracle!! It's makes me cry! I had a baby girl born still born! Now I feeling the lost all over again and thinking what if? What if.she was still alive! Wow! God bless this family! She is a little testimony of God's love for you!

  13. Jo Crump Morgan

    Truly amazing. Parents blessed by the lord. A child of god! How is the child doing?

  14. Mariita La Priieta

    Now I wana c all those people that always say god has nothing to do with miracles wat will they about this ……. This is a work of god is amazing how he works in strange ways n for all those none believers this is more then Proof that he does exist n he do miracle … God bless this child may u do lots of good in this world <3 <3

  15. Kassandra George

    There's a reason this baby is still alive. Would be something interesting to keep tabs on in the future. Such an amazing story.

  16. Kassandra George

    There's a reason this baby is still alive. Would be something interesting to keep tabs on in the future. Such an amazing story.

  17. Satcey Bass

    Omg there was a higher power working with that family cause in all scientific knowledge that baby shouls of froze to death but didnt cause god wanted her to live. I am so happy that they still have their precious baby girl. That baby is gonna be somebody special when she grows up

  18. Sharidan Woods Oliver

    Uh that is not very nice at all specially since your fixing to be a daddy..

  19. Melissa Steel

    Poor little angel! Safe with mommy now!
    Hopefully the hospital is held accountable. She had better not receive a bill…

  20. Kelsey Griest

    after my ob rotation in nursing school I'm amazed this baby survived and hope she doesn't have debilitating problems from being basically frozen

  21. Deborah Hoff

    Gabriel said that everything was possible through God. If God wants a six month term baby to live after being pronounced dead and be in a nailed shut in a coffin for 12 hours and covered in frost after being in a cold morgue, then the baby will live regardless of what man thinks. The Quran states that God chooses who he favors and he favors her for reasons of his own.

  22. Katy Potts Knapp

    Wow! Great ending! So much news is negative and though there are many questions to be answered as to why the doctors etc claimed the baby was stillborn; this is just a miracle! Loved thiss

  23. Hillary Hicks

    Reading that made my body go numb. Can you imagine?!

  24. Katy Potts Knapp

    I cannot imagine! I don't know even what emotion would strike me first…elation or wanting completely flip!

  25. Cathy Alexander

    God blessed this little girl for a special reason and she had to have the fight in her to wanna survive this horrible ordeal. She will be a force to be recognized, as she gets older. Way to go Luz Milagros!

  26. Melanie Brooks

    Hey JJ,God is good! Sooooo happy the baby is doing well:)

  27. Help me find Billie

    God had nothing to do with it. Stillbirths wouldn't happen if there was an all loving god watching over us. Take your religion and shove it, and enjoy the remarkable story for what it is.

  28. Neil Gill

    That's no miracle. That's gross incompetence and an absolutely devoted parent! What an horrific and at the same time excellent story.

  29. Joe Watson

    @Help me find Billie – What a moronic reply this is. Obviously it WASN'T a still birth you imbecile. It was negligence on the part of the hospital staff or just a conspiracy to harvest body parts. I do not go through life attributing everything to God but if ever there were an account, this would be up there in the top 10.

    Now sit down you clown!

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