Ellie Goulding: Can Hit Trolls In Every Possible Meaning

Ellie Goulding is not just another petty pop-star. As it became obvious due to her recent actions, she is not afraid to show her real self (literally) and she is not afraid to fight back while being attacked.

According to the Inquisitr, after being a subject of endless mockery because of her make-up-free selfie, Ellie Goulding managed to get back at her offenders by looking absolutely stunning when visiting a fashion party.

“Ellie Goulding has smashed her haters out of the ball park just days after being subjected to a barrage of hateful comments on her Twitter and Instagram feeds. Ellie was bombarded with spiteful comments by internet trolls after she posted a make-up free selfie online. Gorgeous Ellie responded in the best possible way by showing up to a London fashion party positively glowing. Ellie looked absolutely stunning in her little black dress.”

But her looks are not her only weapon. According to the StyleNews, the singer took part at #WomanCrushWednesday this week and demonstrated remarkable fighting skills in the video she posted online.

“Goulding, 28, posted an Instagram video of her toned abs and impressive boxing skills (although we shouldn’t be too surprised she can fight. After all, the singer starred as Destructa X in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video).”

The trolls should have thought twice before messing with this woman. She does sports and enjoys being a strong individual. According to the Mirror, Ellie works hard to keep her body fit and seems to be completely satisfied with the fact that her muscles are so well-trained that even guys cannot help themselves noticing it.

“The star is well known for her love of keeping fit and has recently been the cover girl for Women’s Health magazine’s June issue.

“I’m not afraid of a guy saying to me that I’m strong. And I will happily post pictures of my muscles on Instagram – because I’m proud of being a strong girl,” she told the magazine in an interview.

It’s quite disappointing that some people are unable to see the natural beauty no more, giving their preference to something artificial. The British singer does everything in order to keep herself healthy and good-looking, and it surely shows – with make-up or without it. Fortunately, Ellie Goulding is not someone who will be brought down by poisonous remarks of some trolls – she surely knows how to take a punch and how to deliver a good one in return.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]