Apple Watch To Ship 20 Million Plus Units, Analysts Say

Apple Watch Sales Hit 2.79 Million As Apple Allegedly Prepares Apple Watch 2

Many people thought the Apple Watch was flopping, especially since sales figures haven’t been released. However, according to CNET, sales aren’t as bad as some thought.

“Apple has sold 2.79 million Apple Watch units since the device went on sale in April, research firm Slice Intelligence told Reuters on Thursday. The company added that of those buyers, 17 percent decided to buy at least one extra band to go along with the model they originally purchased.”

CNET notes that the data is based on an analysis of email receipts for two million online shoppers in the United States. Although those may not be blockbuster numbers for some analysts, one has to consider that Apple has just started selling the watch in their stores.

Still, unlike other debut items from Apple, there has been a lot of criticism. Susie Ochs from Macworld, a site that usually gives everything from Apple four stars or more, gave the watch three-and-a-half stars, citing one of the most frustrating problems with Apple’s new product.

“Since the lion’s share of the data it presents comes from your iPhone, be prepared for lags. Even scrolling around its face, the refresh rate seems a little laggy compared to what I’m used to (and spoiled with) on the iPhone and iPad.”

Ochs goes on to note that location-based apps, like Maps and Weather, are the slowest. She says third party apps are even worse. Ochs isn’t the only reviewer who believes the Apple Watch has too much lag.

The good news is that Apple is allegedly working on the Apple Watch 2, which will have some major improvements. 9to5Mac broke the news on Thursday morning.

“According to multiple sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the Apple Watch 2 is planned to gain a video camera, a new wireless system for greater iPhone independence, and new premium-priced models”

The article goes on to note that, unfortunately, the Apple Watch 2 will feature a very similar battery life to the current watch. Still, the addition of a video camera means that users can use FaceTime. The Dick Tracy watch is actually becoming a reality!

While people may still frown upon the mention of the Apple Watch, one has to remember the first iPhone in 2007: Though it was groundbreaking and had great features, it was missing the full smartphone experience without any 3G speeds or even apps. By the time the iPhone 3G arrived in 2008, the product was complete. The same thing can happen with the Apple Watch 2.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]