Kim Kardashian's Letter To Future Self Hilariously Mocked By Late Night TV Hosts Jimmy Kimmel And James Corden

Kim Kardashian’s Letter To Future Self Hilariously Mocked By Late Night TV Hosts Kimmel And Corden

A few days ago, Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian sat down during a cover shoot with Glamour magazine to pen a future letter to herself, which she will not open until 2025. Late night TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live) and James Corden (Late Late Show with James Corden) hilariously mock Kim’s letter in two videos that have since gone viral.

Watch Kardashian write and read the letter below.

Here’s Kimmel’s take, via Us Weekly.

“Dear Jimmy, when you read this you’ll be 10 years older in the year 2025. I hope you are still #blessed as well as Snapchat grateful. I hope my children are healthy and strong. I hope Guillermo is still cute. I hope my Aunt Chippy isn’t dead, but let’s be honest, she probably is. LOL.

I have a lot of questions for you, future me. Am I still hosting my show? Am I finally gay? Did my Latisse treatments work? What’s the new kale? Is it parsley? You know what, don’t tell me. I bet it’s romaine lettuce… I love you, me. You are my inspiration. If I could take a selfie with you — and I can — I would. Are selfies still a thing? Did Hitler ever come back to life? I sure hope not. I hope and pray that your eyebrows are forever on fleek. Xo Jimmy.”

Here’s Corden’s rendition of Kim’s letter.

“Dear James, Wazzup! If you’re reading this, it’s 2015. I’m sure by now you’ve revealed to the world that you’re Banksy. What a relief! Anyway, just got back from America. It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’m also sure that O-Town is now the biggest band in the world and that you are its lead singer, or, at the very least, you’re the next Ricky Martin. You know what that means? Tons of girls.

I have so many questions for you. Are you still rocking those Von Dutch trucker hats? So cool. Are you still writing Harry Potter erotic fan fiction?… I just invested all of my money in Myspace so I bet by now you must be a billionaire. Well, I wish I had more time to write to you, James. Anyway, good luck! Sincerely, me.”

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