Colin Jost Hates Time Warner Cable, And He’s Using Twitter To Tell Everyone

Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost has a huge issue with Time Warner Cable. In fact, he’s so furious with the company that he’s taken to his Twitter account to release a stream of messages criticising them.

Jost, who is the head-writer on the iconic NBC comedy and also hosts its Weekend Update segment, uploaded a number of posts that highlighted his issues with Time Warner Company, even insisting that he hasn’t been able to access the internet in four months.

Jost even started to have a discussion with the individual who runs Time Warner Cable’s Twitter help page.

“.@TWC_Help especially the last technician who literally left after shaking his head and saying, ‘Dat’s f**ked up.’ “

Jost also re-tweeted a number of messages from users complaining about their problems with Time Warner Cable. It’s not known if Time Warner Cable have solved Colin Jost’s internet issue. But if they’ve not, and they don’t rectify it soon, Jost will almost certainly let us know.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]