Maven Huffman - WWE RX Addict

Former WWE Star Maven Huffman Seeking RX Addiction Treatment

Former WWE superstar Maven Huffman is seeking the help of professionals to overcome an addiction to prescription drugs which has plagued the former wrestler for years.

Speaking to TMZ Maven’s attorney, James Flynn, said his 35-year-old client will take part in the WWE’s “Former Talent Rehab Program.”

Maven was arrested last month and charged with wrongfully obtaining more than 1,000 painkillers.

According to the former WWE superstars lawyer:

“Yes, Maven is planning on working with the WWE and he was really impressed by their gesture to assist him”

As we previously reported, the WWE says it will pay for 100% of any rehab or treatment program for former WWE wrestlers … as long as the wrestler wants the help.

His attorney goes on to add:

“It is Maven’s sincere hope to use his experience to aid in the prevention of substance abuse and serve as an example to his fellow wrestlers and community at large.” and “Maven would also like his supporters to know that he is humbled by the outpouring of support he has received over the past week and he sincerely apologizes to any of his family members, friends, and fans who have had to read the press surrounding recent events.’

His lawyer goes on to state that his admittance into the WWE rehab program is not an admission of guilt but acceptance that he has a serious addiction problem. In the meantime the WWE says they “wish Maven the best of luck” as he enters the organizations rehab facility.

I’m not sure what is more scary, the fact that Maven had tried to purchase 1,000 prescription pills at one time or the fact that so many former WWE stars have become addicted to drugs and alcohol that they need a “former talent rehab program” to deal with all of them.