Ruby Rose Trends Overnight After Stripping Entirely Naked For 'Orange Is The New Black' Shower Scene

Ruby Rose Trends Overnight After Stripping Entirely Naked For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Shower Scene

Actress Ruby Rose plays the newest addition to smash hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. With her unique androgynous look, sporting a boyish, razor-cropped hair cut and tattoos, along with the Australian accent and devil-may-care attitude, fans fell fast and hard for Rose’s character, Stella. Ruby’s performance prompted an already hotly anticipated new season of the show to become a media sensation as the actress casually revealed all in a prison bathroom alongside co-star Taylor Schilling.

Ruby’s character, Stella, serves as a new love interest for protagonist Piper Chapman who falls helplessly for her boyish charm almost immediately. Unfortunately, her presence complicates a long term relationship between Piper and girlfriend, Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon. While Rose’s nude scene certainly bowled over viewers, Ruby takes the situation in stride, brushing off her full body nudity, exposing both her breasts and her bottom, with a collected casualness that we couldn’t help but fall for.

Ruby Rose Nude Shower Scene Orange is the New Black
‘Orange Is The New Black’ Ruby Rose and Taylor Schilling via Netflix

Ruby’s character certainly turned plenty of heads in the all female confines of Litchfield prison. Alongside the already stunning cast featured in Orange is the New Black, Stella offered a unique and gripping new turn in Piper’s story arc. In a trailer for season 3, Rose discussed Stella’s character, saying ‘She’s cocky, she’s flirty and she’s super funny,”

“This is the sexiest season by far.”

While having worked in the acting and modelling industry for some time, Rose was taken aback as her low-key fame hit monumental levels overnight following the release Orange is the New Black season 3, drawing attention from casual viewers to A-List celebrities alike. Ruby’s stunned reaction to her popularity was a charming display of her modest and cool attitude. Trending on both Twitter and Facebook, Ruby commented over social media about how vulnerable but excited the recognition made her feel.

Although fans of the show have come to adore Ruby Rose, we’re sure no-one is more proud of her performance than fiancée, Phoebe Dahl. Granddaughter of beloved author Roald Dahl spontaneously proposed to Ruby last March cementing the happy couple’s futures together. Rose talked about the proposal during an interview with Kyle & Jackie O for KIISFM, saying, “this is my soul mate, this is the woman of my life, we’re so in love,’

“She broke into my house with flowers and a card at like five in the morning, she gets down on one knee and says ‘Ruby, will you marry me?'”

While season 3 may have gone out with more of a splash than a bang, we’re hoping that Ruby Rose continues on into season 4 of Orange is the New Black set to hit Netflix once again next summer.

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