Myspace Tom Resurfaces With Instagram Post, Everybody’s First Social Media Friend Looks Totally Different

Before Facebook and Twitter, there was one dominant social media network, by the name of MySpace. And there was one man who was everyone’s friend on Myspace too: Tom Anderson — the man who co-founded the site.

However, now that most people have migrated over to Facebook and Twitter, Tom Anderson has almost been forgotten. But Tom looks as though he’s still having a pretty good time in the real world, and an image of everybody’s first social media friend has emerged that proves he’s just as healthy as ever, and he still has the same winning smile.

TMZ were the first to unveil the most recent picture of 44-year-old Anderson, which you can view in all of its glory below.


Tom from MySpace became an internet sensation because, up until 2010, he would automatically become anyone who joined MySpace’s first friend once they’d created a profile.

After creating MySpace in August, 2003, alongside Chris DeWolfe, Anderson helped to establish the company and site, before he then sold it to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million. Anderson worked as president at MySpace as well as a strategic adviser before he then left the company in 2009.

Since then, Anderson had a role with RocketFrog, but in October, 2014, it was revealed on his Twitter blurb that he was currently “enjoying being retired.” Those of you who are interested in keeping up to date with Tom Anderson’s activities can peruse his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

There has recently been a lot of interest in MySpace and the amount that internet users used to log on to the website. This was provoked after the emergence of Tom Hardy’s rather embarrassing MySpace page, while earlier this month, the internet took great enjoyment from poking fun at Kim Kardashian’s old account, too.

[Image via UWoshJournalism / Kocka]