‘Southern Charm’ Cast Shocked Over Shooting: ‘Nothing More Deplorable Than Acts Of Racism’

The cast of Southern Charm is now speaking out about the shooting that rocked their hometown of Charleston yesterday. Many of the cast members have been sharing their thoughts on this shocking shooting that rocked their calm hometown. Bravo has managed to make Charleston a historic, calming, and relaxing place to be, and the cast members of Southern Charm continued this idyllic scene.

So when the shooting happened yesterday, many Southern Charm cast members were as shocked as the rest of the world. This shooting was racially driven, which doesn’t sit well with some of the cast members. Craig Conover, who has started a career in law on Southern Charm, said that it was shocking.

According to a new tweet, Southern Charm star Craig revealed that he was disgusted with the shooting. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, and Shep Rose revealed that he was indeed safe just minutes after the shooting news went viral.

“Stay safe..praying for everyone affected..nothing more deplorable than acts of racism & terrorism like this #heavyheart #CharlestonShooting,” Craig Conover revealed to his Southern Charm fans, and Shep Rose revealed he was safe, adding, “I’ve been following the shooting news. I’m holed up at The Alley Chas listening to news. Everyone I know is fine. Damn. Hate this.”

Some of the Southern Charm stars have not commented on the shooting, but it sounds like many of the cast members were not directly affected by the tragedy. Kathryn Dennis simply tweeted a picture of herself with her daughter.

At this point in time, the Southern Charm family can breathe easily, as the shooter has been arrested and charged. It has been a quick investigation, and the public helped greatly in finding the shooter.

“Dylann Roof has been caught just hours after police identified him as the suspect in a Charleston church shooting that left nine people dead, with police picking him up at a traffic stop 200 miles from the city,” reveals the Inquisitr, adding, “Police said that a gunman walked into a black church in Charleston on Wednesday evening and for one hour sat through a prayer meeting. Witnesses said he then opened fire, killing nine people.”

Bravo has yet to address an upcoming season of Southern Charm, and the network hasn’t said anything about the shooting in relation to the cast.

Are you glad to hear that the entire cast of Southern Charm are safe? What did you think of their tweets?

[Image via Bravo]