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Kylie Jenner Responds To Haters: Bullied Since 9, ‘From The Whole World’

Kylie Jenner has never been quiet about shaming her haters.

After all, she’s the first generation to grow up alongside social media. Not only that, but she’s been put into the spotlight thanks to the reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians since she was nine years old. If anyone knows about bullying, it’s Kylie.

Late last night, Jenner took to Snapchat to talk about bullies, and how she’s dealing with it.

“I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine, from the whole world it feels like sometimes. I think that I’ve done a really great job of handling all of this.”

Not only did she discuss how it felt to be bullied, but Jenner also gave encouraging words to her followers who are dealing with mean-spirited people.

“There’s bullies everywhere so this is just a little late Snapchat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change.”

In a message to those who may think this is a cry for help, Kylie Jenner candidly said, “This isn’t a pity party, though. Don’t get it twisted…This is for the others with bullies out there to know that you’re not alone.”

This isn’t the first time Jenner has talked about bullies. Hinting at being shamed for her weight gain, Kylie took to Instagram recently to post a picture in a one piece bathing suit and wrote, “Yes I gained weight, there I said it so u don’t have to.”

For years Kylie has had to talk about her appearance, including her plump lips, which started an internet meme known as the Kylie Jenner challenge, where people sucked on bottles to get the “Kylie Jenner look.”

Jenner told E! that she’s getting sick of talking about her lips. “I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I’m kind of sick of it. My pictures, I pout them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome.”

Throughout her time on Twitter she’s said, “How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing.” Later on she tweeted that the rumors, “hurt my feelings” and that they were, “kinda insulting.”

That said, she’s grown from this rough time and told E!, “I don’t even care anymore. I’m like whatever, just say whatever you want.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner is doing a good job of handling her bullies?

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]