Maci Bookout post-baby body

See Maci Bookout’s Post-Baby Body: First Photo Of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Surfaces

Maci Bookout gave birth to her first daughter, Jayde Carter, last month, and this week, the Teen Mom OG star was seen in her first post-baby photo. On June 16, a fan shared the following photo of Maci Bookout, giving others their first look at her postpartum frame.

Maci Bookout began dating Taylor McKinney over two years ago, following a series of splits from Kyle King and Kyle Regal. Then, in the summer of last year, the couple began living together, and filming on Teen Mom OG began. Amid production, Maci Bookout discovered she and McKinney were expecting their first child together, and the moments leading up to Jayde’s May, 2015, birth were captured by cameras and featured on the show.

Also featured on the show was Maci Bookout’s dramatic feud with her co-star, Farrah Abraham. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Maci Bookout looked back on their dramatic confrontation during filming while chatting with MTV during a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment. Speaking to the network, Maci Bookout explained why she wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with her co-star.

“I wanted to sit down and talk with Farrah because I wanted her to know that my intentions were never to hurt her feelings or for her to feel like I was judging her. I also wanted her to know that, you know her feelings of being hurt, being left out, are normal. I mean, I would have felt the exact same way. I feel like she just was very emotional and very upset, and things were still just a little too raw and new to kind of get that across to her.”

Unfortunately, Maci Bookout’s co-star wasn’t very receptive to her comments, and their feud didn’t come to an end as Bookout had hoped. Luckily, there doesn’t appear to be much love lost between the two women.

“It’s difficult for me to sympathize with her and want to explain myself when I don’t feel like she’s hearing me. She can be a bit disrespectful and it’s hard for me to sit back and want to make her feel better when she’s talking to me like I’m a piece of s***.”

No word yet on whether or not Maci Bookout and the Teen Mom OG cast will return for a new season. If they do, however, Bookout will likely continue to keep her son, Bentley, away from the cameras.

[Photo via Twitter]