Whitney Bischoff Inspires And Encourages Her Followers: ‘Bachelorette’ Potential?

Whitney Bischoff has been keeping a low profile for weeks as she is trying to get back to a normal life after splitting with Bachelor star Chris Soules. Whitney truly believed that they were meant to be and were planning to get married, but less than a few months after getting engaged, Bischoff was single once again. These days, she is living in Chicago, and she has been hanging out with other Bachelor stars.

However, it sounds like Whitney Bischoff wants to connect with people who have been supportive throughout this journey. Bischoff has gotten plenty of support on Twitter and Instagram, but she has been keeping to herself. But, it now sounds like Whitney is now realizing that people love her for her, and want to stay in touch with her.

According to a new tweet, Whitney Bischoff decided to share some sweet and encouraging words with a Twitter follower, which then resulted in more encouraging words.

“Take your time, stay calm, and breathe. You’ve got this girl! Your hard work will pay off. Good luck!” Whitney Bischoff tweeted to a follower, who asked for advice in studying for an important test.

“Omg I just love you I want you to be the next bachelorette you are so amazing can you just tweet me a hello. I just love u,” another follower wrote, which had Whitney reply, “Hello! Thanks for your sweet words!” and the follower conclude, “omg I am in tears! Thank you so so much! You made my day I hope you find the love of your life thank you again for this.”

According to the Inquisitr, Bischoff has tried to move on by hanging out with her friends in Chicago and she tried to get NHL playoff tickets. Whitney Bischoff has said nothing about her split from Chris Soules. One can imagine that Whitney will have a different story than Chris. He recently spoke out about the breakup. If she is chosen as the next Bachelorette, Whitney may have to dish the details.

“Well, we got engaged on the show. I mean technically yeah [on whether the engagement was real]. She had the ring, the whole nine yards. We tried to make it work. We tried to figure things out in the real world. It’s much different in the real world than it is on TV, you know, on a television show. You kind of get the opportunity to, you know, actually experience real life together,” Chris Soules has said, adding, “Well there really is not much to say. I mean it was a relationship. She’s a great person and she’ll be a friend for the rest of my life and I’ll always care about her.”

Do you want to see Whitney Bischoff as the next Bachelorette?

[Image via Instagram]