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Taylor Swift Gets Snippy With Her Fans On Tumblr

Taylor Swift is known as an angel and a sweetheart when she meets her fans in person. But when it comes to her Tumblr blog, the singer comes off as a little snippy. It has some fans wondering if Taylor is feeling all right lately. Meanwhile, other fans are eating up the singer’s sassy Tumblr blog posts.

Swift, 25, recently defended herself on Tumblr about her odd fashion choice. She explained why she wore a leather harness while going to lunch with BFF Selena Gomez. Swift was photographed wearing the harness over a black T-Shirt that had the words “This Is My Fight Song.” As one of Swift’s noted, this isn’t the first time she wore the harness, but fans were still bewildered at her accessory.

Taylor took to Tumblr to defend her reasons for wearing the harness.

” I think you’re ignoring a really important point here … that my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing.

Ask yourself … are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015.”

It sounds like even Taylor Swift’s fans can’t even get behind her look. Some of them even pointed out that the singer wore her leather harness backwards. Gasp! Taylor took to Tumblr once again to shut those haters down.


What Swift didn’t notice is that she was wearing a knock-off of the original version from Zana Bayne, according to Mashable. Swift’s Free People version is sold for $19.95 and is a replica of Zana Bayne’s “Cruxus” harness. There’s no doubt that Swift will come back to Tumblr to defend herself once more after fans get wind of this news.

Last week, the singer shut down rumors that “New Romantics” will become the fifth single off 1989. The song is actually one of the three bonus tracks from the deluxe version of the album. When fans started talking about a “New Romantics” video, Swift got flustered and responded on her Tumblr blog to let them know it’s not even the works yet.

“Why? Where? Who? How?… I don’t even know what the next single is yet!! Let’s all take deep breaths in and out and watch Bad Blood again on Vevo. Because that is the only single I know of currently. #NON FICTION WITH SHIFTY SWIFTY #ONE THING AT A TIME #GOOD ENERGY THO.”

Taylor Swift is even using the blogging site to teach her fans a lesson on grammar. One of her fans named Maddy wrote a post about a missing apostrophe in the handwritten lyric of Taylor’s song, “Wildest Dreams.” Taylor explained that the apostrophe blended into the letter “y.” She then backtracked her response and said everything else would need to be corrected.

“But if we’re being all fancy with grammar tonight, btw would’ve had a coma before it. And the ‘U’ is ‘uh’ would’ve been capitalized. And there would’ve been some sort of punctuation at the end of the sentence.”

Swift then insisted that her response is all in good humor.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Tumblr blog? Do you think she gets a little snippy with her fans? Or, do you think she just enjoys joking around with them? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for TAS]