Is Ryan Serhant Going To Lose Emilia Over Career Opportunity?

Ryan Serhant may have it all: a lucrative career, an excellent reputation, a killer apartment, and a supportive woman on his arm. Plus, Serhant blew everyone out of the water with a Times Square proposal that made headlines across the world. When Ryan said that his motto was expansion always in all ways, he wasn’t joking.

However, Ryan Serhant may not have it all. On last night’s episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York, Serhant was faced with some news. His future wife, Emilia, had received a promotion where she would be moving to Geneva to work as an international lawyer. This is what she went to school for, and this is something she had worked very hard to do. But, Ryan’s real-estate success is thanks to New York. Clearly, he didn’t want to leave.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant is now sharing his thoughts about Emilia’s promotion. The episode left off without a clear answer as to what will happen, but it sounds like she ended up staying in New York.

“This episode is really about LOVE for me. Love of my job, Emilia, and… a certain Penthouse. I fell in love, again, with the dreams of a new life, and my soon to be wife. Sometimes fate just steps in, the timing is just right, and it all falls into place,” Ryan Serhant reveals, adding, “My life is crazy, so it’s nice to have Emilia showing up to more of my professional events. This time around I had an ulterior motive. I needed to show my bride-to-be my dream first home in NYC. I believe in this developing part of West SoHo, and no better way to prove it than moving right in. Having Emilia with me to share this moment made it so extra special.”

Serhant revealed during Million Dollar Listing that he got the news shortly after they had put a deposit down on an apartment together. In addition, Ryan had proposed to her in the city where they met. According to the Inquisitr, Emilia had questioned her relationship with Ryan just the night before he proposed, so this felt it was the right thing to do.

“I’m making some big commitments, but I’m ready for all of it. This is where I want to begin, anew. All I’ve done is for these events, happening right now. I’m getting married and I just purchased a new home! See Mom: I told you everything would be alright,” Serhant adds.

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[Image via Bravo]