E3 2015

‘E3 2015’ Thoughts From The Show Floor

E3 2015 in Los Angeles is almost over, and Thursdays are usually a quieter day as it wears on.

That said, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding the conference this year, with some even saying this has been the best E3 in recent memory.

This is my third E3, and I do have to say it is one of the most crowded experiences I’ve been in. The influx of media, YouTubers, developers, publishers, PR and the fans that were offered a chance to get into E3 2015 has made this show feel tight and constricted while walking around.

However, because of this the mood on the show floor has been exponentially different. Take the press conferences this year: They all had more of a fan celebration vibe to them versus conferences in the past. E3 2015 press briefings all had more than your typical industry, they had fans who dreamt of attending these conferences they’ve watched from afar. And the atmosphere has changed dramatically as a result.

While we see excitement at every E3, this year it seems to have taken on a whole new level. During the Final Fantasy VII Remake reveal at PlayStation on Monday, the scene that unfolded was one of the utmost exuberance. People were jumping up and down, cheers could be heard from every section of the arena. Normally reserved media members were trying to figure out ways to show the excitement barreling from the inside while keeping the decorum expected. Most could only hold their hands to their heads as the E3 announcement collectively blew everyone’s minds.

The E3 show floor has also seen its share of added excitement, with lines bursting to their maximum. People excitedly running around the show floor, hoping to go hands on first with what E3 2015 has to offer. While the lines and such don’t get in the way of journalists and industry personnel doing their jobs, it’s weird, but refreshing to see that excitement out on the floor.

My first demo of the show was For Honor, a 4v4 medieval sword combat game by Ubisoft. In my team was another media person, a game developer, and a fan who made it into the show via a Facebook contest. While the three of us were networking and doing what we normally do at an E3, our fourth team member was simply letting the moment soak in. We played the 20-minute demo of For Honor and I asked what it was like to play a game at E3, months before anyone he knew would ever go hands-on. The smile on his face was from ear to ear as he replied, “Amazing.”

Too often we forget that these games are built for that reason – pure enjoyment. Seeing so many people who are getting what is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to attend E3 2015, I’m constantly reminded that while this might be a job for me, I should never lose sight of what makes covering this industry so great – the enjoyment it brings millions world-wide.

This E3 has felt entirely different than previous ones, and in every way that has been a very good thing.

[Image via The Inquisitr/Joseph Bradford]