Mindy Kaling's sex scenes are plenty of fun, actress says

Mindy Kaling Scenes: ‘Mindy Project’ Star Details That Sex Scenes Are Fantastic Fun

Any Mindy Kaling scene on her show The Mindy Project is typically a hoot, even the sexy scenes. While actors and actresses usually play off those sex scenes as awkward and uncomfortable, Kaling is taking a different stance. In her new book coming out, Why Not Me, it seems that Mindy fully embraces the opportunity to do these types of scenes.

The Washington Post shares some of the tidbits related to Mindy Kaling’s scene stance. She notes several others who claim that doing sex scenes for television and movies is wrong and annoying, but she says that every single one of those people is lying.

Kaling jokes that while of course onscreen sex is not the real deal, “as any religious high schooler will tell you,” coming close to the actual act can be a lot of fun, as well. As for all the crew around watching, Mindy jokes that she says the more, the merrier, and those on hand are artists who are there to make you look better so she’s all for having plenty of people around.

If actors and actresses are having so much fun doing these scenes, why do they say otherwise in interviews? Surely at least some, or perhaps most, really do find the scenes to be awkward. Kaling’s stance, however, is that typically people say it’s awkward to spare the feelings of the significant others involved.

In true Mindy fashion, she also quips that everybody involved has a “tacit agreement to keep our traps shut about the world’s best job perk.” According to the Las Vegas NV Blog, Mindy Kaling’s scene breakdown even gets an entire chapter, titled “I Love Sex Scenes!”, to itself.

Kaling’s new book doesn’t come out until September 15, but it is available for pre-order now. From the looks of things, those who love Mindy’s sharp wit will get a kick out of this book. As for her show, The Mindy Project, viewers were left hanging at the end of Season 3, as Danny headed to India to meet Mindy’s parents.

Fox, unfortunately, canceled The Mindy Project, but Hulu has picked it up. Not only will fans get to see how things play out for Mindy and Danny in a new season, it’ll be an extended season. As Us Weekly detailed, Hulu has ordered 26 episodes, and Mindy has shared that the episodes will be a bit longer than what viewers were getting on television, and they’re having a lot of fun. A premiere date has not yet been revealed, however.

Are you buying Mindy Kaling’s scene scoop when it comes to the sexy times and filming? Did she just bust every actor and actress who had gone to great lengths to cover up the fun, or is she an exception to the rule in having such a blast with them?

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