Heather Thomson On ‘RHONY’ Outcome: ‘I Have To Go Against What’s Natural For Me’

Heather Thomson may be successful in business and have a supportive husband, but Thomson isn’t winning over the hearts of Real Housewives of New York viewers. In fact, Heather probably shouldn’t have talked to Bethenny Frankel, because as soon as Frankel told Thomson to back off, a feud was naturally born. And those who loved to see Frankel return quickly made Heather into the bad guy.

During the trip to the Berkshires, Heather Thomson was merely trying to help the situation by addressing Frankel’s crying. But as soon as Frankel feels slightly pressured, she breaks down. Thomson quickly looked like the bad guy, and now she is sharing her thoughts about what has gone down with Bethenny.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson is now revealing that her efforts to make peace with the Real Housewives veteran failed completely. But Thomson wants fans to know that there were other efforts made that were not aired on Bravo.

“While I may have failed miserably, I’ve only ever tried to support Bethenny with her struggles/challenges. I think we all want to. And that’s why we planned this trip to Turks and Caicos during the week. Something you didn’t get to see during dinner at the Red Lion Inn in the Berkshires was all of us talking about rallying around Bethenny after some of these struggles came to light, and I led the charge on that,” Heather Thomson explains about some footage that did not air on The Real Housewives of New York.

According to the Inquisitr, Heather Thomson made a comparison to Bethenny, where she compared her losing her nanny to Frankel’s childhood. Many viewers thought that the comparison was completely unfair and wrong, so Heather was quickly labeled the bad guy in the feud.

“But no matter how hard we try, we miss the mark. And while my nature is to give her a hug when she starts to cry, I have to go against what’s natural for me, because I know I’m not allowed to. This roller coaster of emotions affects everyone, and I’m still not quite sure what to do about it because ‘doing nothing’ is truly very hard for me. And maybe something I need to work on,” Heather Thomson reveals about the drama with Bethenny.

It will be interesting to see Heather confront Frankel on the reunion for this season.

What do you think about Heather Thomson’s comments?

[Image via Bravo]