Diablo III Demon Hunter, Barbarian Classes Shown Off In New Videos

Now that Diablo III is finally nearing towards a release date, Blizzard is starting to open the flood gates with new information on the highly anticipated loot-hoarding, dungeon-crawling hack-‘n’-slash.

The first Diablo III info drop came over the weekend in the form a new trailer focused on the Demon Hunter, one of the new classes being introduced in the third installment of the franchise. After going through a bit of the Demon Hunter’s backstory, the video runs down the basics of the class’ gameplay style.

Judging from the video, it looks like the Demon Hunter will be one of the more complicated classes in Diablo III. The character has a number of skills that allow him/her to control crowds, escape, and lob various sorts of explosives at hordes of hellspawn.

If melee combat is more your style, Blizzard also released a new video detailing the Barbarian, a familiar hero for Diablo series veterans. After filling us in on the Barbarian’s motivations in Diablo III, the second character-focused video shows us how the class has changed over the past many years.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the beta or you’re in a need for a Diablo III fix, you can check out the two latest trailers for the Demon Hunter and the Barbarian in the videos below.

Diablo III is due out on PC and Mac on May 15.