Sarah Palin Commends Donald Trump For Running For Presidency

Sarah Palin may have well just endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 elections.

On her Facebook account, Palin applauded Trump for “doing something right” with his decision in joining the GOP candidates for the US presidency.

The real estate mogul declared his bid for the 2016 presidential race on Tuesday, June 16.

Palin also declared that Trump is as concerned with the country’s economy as she is.

According to the former Alaska Governor, the business magnate’s entrepreneurial spirit will ensure that the US’ economic system will get back on the right direction, as Paige Lavender cited in Huffington Post.

Palin further added that no one can deny Trump’s endeavours in providing the chance for any US citizen to achieve something.

She also related Trump’s own accomplishments in building career opportunities that anyone can attain as long as they apply “pro-private sector precepts” the country needs “to fire up the economy.”

In her statement on her Facebook post, the former Governor also let out a faint criticism of the Leftists’ choice of presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton.

sarah palin trump facebook

Palin commented that the Democrats habit of “anointing a chosen one” strips the American citizens of a healthy debate.

Palin believes that the Americans will choose the Republicans over the Democrats, claiming that the voters will yell “You’re fired!” at the liberals with the vast GOP presidential bets the people can choose from.

Trump replied to Palin’s adoring words with a thankful tweet and an invitation for a pizza in New York.

Meanwhile, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate also applauded Jeb Bush in a post she has released on a popular social networking site last Monday.

On her Facebook account, Palin spoke well of Bush for emphasizing the difficulties which children with special needs encounter every day.

She also remarked that it was heartening to know that the former Florida Governor communicated straight on a subject matter that concerns so many Americans, which is bringing up a child with special needs.

sarah palin jeb bush facebook

Bush recently announced his candidacy for the presidency in the 2016 elections. His campaign released a video showing Berthy de la Rosa-Aponte, a mother of a child with autism.

Rosa-Aponte was thankful for Bush’s assistance for children with special needs and declared that Bush cares for persons with developmental disabilities and with all disabilities.

It is known that Palin also has a son with special needs, and she described kids like her son as “God’s purpose-filled children,” quoting Sam Levine on Huffington Post.

Bush thanked Sarah on his Twitter account, further saying that “God has a purpose for everyone.”

[Main image by Scott Olsen, Getty Images]