Malories Bantala loses unborn baby during brutal attack

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Being Repeatedly Kicked In The Stomach By Two Men During Attack

A 21-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant lost her baby after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by two men during an attack on Monday, according to Mirror.

Two black men, who police believe to be in their 20s, attacked Malorie Bantala as she was walking down Talfourd Place, Peckham. After being pushed to the ground, the two men – who wore helmets – repeatedly kicked the expecting mother in the stomach before fleeing the scene.

Bystanders witnessed the attacked and immediate called for an ambulance. However, after waiting for an ambulance, which never arrived, for 70 minutes, a police officer arrived at the scene and had no choice but to rush the mother-to-be to a nearby hospital.

Upon her arrival, doctors stated that she had lost the baby, and she is now fighting for her own life. She was placed in the intensive care unit due to severe internal bleeding.

“I rushed down and there she was just lying on the pavement with the police. She was just crying and crying. If you see your daughter like that, it’s awful. Words can’t explain it,” Malorie’s 49-year-old mother Ida stated.

“Then about an hour later maybe they took her to hospital and I went with her. She was excited. She bought the baby’s clothes and everything. Today she lost her baby. She was in pain and she was crying.

“She’s in hospital doing okay but lost the baby this morning. She is so upset. She was happy. She wanted the baby.”

Police have named 20-year-old Kevin Wilson – also of London – as one of the men who attacked the pregnant woman. He was arrested and charged with “child destruction, contrary to the Infant Life, and grievous bodily harm with intent.”

“I was just on my way home from work, I get in about 8:15 and I saw her lying on the floor just to the right of my house,” said a neighbor who opted to remain anonymous. “I said, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing on the floor?’ And then the police arrived.

“But it was an hour before they left to take her to hospital. And no ambulance ever turned up even though neighbours kept calling and kept calling.

“It’s so awful – this is such a quiet street – you never expect something like this.”

Another neighbor said, “I heard some noise and because it’s so quiet around here normally I went outside to look. That’s when I saw her sitting on the wall just surrounded by people.

“She just kept saying ‘they took my phone, they took my phone.’ So we just thought it had been a mugging.”

“And then it was only the next day when I cordon went up that we found out.

“I’m shocked.”

Police asks that if anyone has any information regarding the brutal attack to call Crime Stoppers Anonymous.

[Image courtesy of Ian Waldie/Getty Images]