Bobbi Kristina Brown Condition: Which Side Of The Family Is Telling The Truth?

Young Bobbi Kristina Brown remains, as most reports claim, still unconscious after the January 31 accident that left her unresponsive and fighting for her life. Though she is no longer on life support and has been moved from Intensive Care into a rehabilitation facility, reports on the condition of Bobbi Kristina are conflicting, at best.

The war of the aunts has taken a decidedly nasty turn this week as Aunt Leolah Brown claims that Aunt Pat Houston wishes Bobbi Kristina would die so she could inherit the Houston fortune left solely to Bobbi Kristina by her mother, Whitney Houston.

While the Brown family continues to speak positively and ask for prayer for the complete healing of Bobbi Kristina, the Houston clan is more reserved in their opinion. Even grandmother, Cissy Houston, has shared a grim outlook on the situation. This week, Leolah Brown took to social media to share her opinion.

“If Pat knew The God that I know, instead of trying to inherit my niece’s money for her personal gain, she would mind her own business and go find A JOB for herself without continuously working so hard to destroy my niece, beg her for money and get angry when she cannot get it! She would stop using the Houston name for her personal agenda.”

“Please be sure and know that, ONLY my brother Bobby Brown and my brother Tommy Brown who is Bobbi Kristina’s father and uncle, has gotten Bobbi Kristina the best care possible and that she is indeed continuing to improve in-spite of the LIES being told. AND WE THE BROWN’S ARE CONTINUING TO PRAY TO GOD FOR HER RECOVERY.”

Leolah Brown went on to say that, “per Bobbi Kristina’s request,” Pat Houston was not allowed in her room. That certainly does make it sound like Bobbi Kristina Brown is awake and vocal. Cissy Houston has not changed her stance that the condition of Bobbi Kristina has not improved at all.

So how do we know which side is telling the truth? Is Bobbi Kristina improving or not? There seems to be no middle ground in the feud between the two families of Bobbi Kristina, as one side hints at her potential improvement as the other says she’s not progressing at all. So really, which is it?

What do you think? Is Bobbi Kristina Brown improving or not?

[Image via Pop Crush]