Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift

How Bad Is It? Kendall Jenner And Taylor Swift’s Alleged Feud Erupts From ‘Bad Blood’ And Ex-Boyfriends

The media is still talking about Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift’s alleged feud. The ladies haven’t been getting along lately, according to several reports. Their alleged feud started when Kendall Jenner was a no-show in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video. It also doesn’t help that both Kendall and Taylor dated Harry Styles in the past.

Swift is still reportedly upset that Jenner dated her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. It’s not well-known that Swift and Jenner are friends, but apparently, they are. According to several reports, Jenner and Swift have been feuding ever since the model was seen with One Direction’s Styles. It also doesn’t help that Selena Gomez reportedly hates Jenner since she allegedly hooked up with Justin Bieber.

Kendall also didn’t want to make an appearance in Taylor’s “Bad Blood” music video. The model previously admitted that she was too busy to film in Taylor’s new video. An insider confirmed to E! Online the reason why Kendall didn’t want to be in the “Bad Blood” music video.

“She couldn’t do it because she had an out-of-town commitment on shoot day. She was bummed she couldn’t [be in it], but loved the video.”

Now, another report is claiming that she really didn’t want to be in the music video in the first place!

“She could have participated, she just decided not to. Taylor thinks she’s been nothing but supportive of Kendall, introducing her to lots of influential people, but Kendall’s so consumed with herself, she doesn’t have time to reciprocate.”

It looks like Kendall Jenner dissed Taylor Swift right back. It’s surprising since Jenner’s good friends, Gigi Hadid, 20, and Cara Delevingne, 22, made an appearance in the video. Both of the models also recently appeared at Swift’s 1989 tour, making surprise appearances during her performance of “Style.”

That has caused a recent report in OK! Magazine to claim that Taylor’s getting back at Kendall by stealing all of her model friends. The magazine also says that Kendall and Taylor can’t stand being in the same room as each other. The frenemies started hanging out in 2014, around the same time that Kendall started dating Harry Styles, 21.

“Harry’s always been the biggest issue between them. Taylor thinks it was completely disrespectful for Kendall to be hooking up with Harry after he broke Taylor’s heart.”

It’s strange that Jenner and Swift are in a feud since fans hardly see the two starlets out in public together. The two have so many friends in common that it would make sense for them to hang out. However, Swift can’t stand Justin Bieber, who is close to Jenner. It also doesn’t help when Jenner doesn’t like Selena Gomez. But according to the tabloid, Jenner and Swift’s feud has been going on behind the scenes. The source claims that Jenner doesn’t want to get involved with Swift’s “Mean Girl games.”

“Kendall thinks Taylor is too full of herself and a control freak. She thinks Taylor plays people against each other. She’s happy to steer clear of her mean-girl games.”

What are your thoughts on Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift’s alleged feud? Do you think they’re really in one? Do you really think they were friends in the first place? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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