Ava Duvernay Considering Marvel - Will She Direct 'Black Panther' Or 'Captain Marvel'

Ava DuVernay Considering Marvel: Will She Direct ‘Black Panther’ Or ‘Captain Marvel’?

Ava DuVernay, director of widely acclaimed Selma, says that she may be turning her movie focus to Marvel. As she states that “it’s a good time,” two major comics come to mind.

Ava was recently honored for her directing expertise at the Women In Film award ceremony. By April 12, 2015, DuVernay‘s Selma had grossed $52 million — with an opening weekend, in February, at $11.3 million. The movie’s budget was estimated at $22 million, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

According to the same source, Ava DuVernay has actually worked on a Marvel project before — Spiderman 2 — just not as its director. Now, it seems that she wants to take on the job.

Could you imagine the emotional impact of Selma mixed with Marvel’s well-known, thrill-packed scenes?

Ava Duvernay Considering Marvel - Will She Direct 'Black Panther' Or 'Captain Marvel' III
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DuVernay interviewed with Entertainment Tonight at the Women In Film ceremony. While on the carpet, she spoke about these future movie endeavors.

“I’ve gotten several calls from several interesting parties. It’s a great time, post-Selma. I’m writing my own work. I’m reading other people’s things, talking to folks about their ideas — [and] sharing mine. So, yeah. It’s a good time.”

As ET states, rumors are circulating that she could direct one of two movies — or both: Black Panther (July 2018) or Captain Marvel (November 2018).

Ava goes on to mention that her mother taught her to stick to her own personality. DuVernay’s identity is quintessential to her as a director. So, with that in mind, she may incorporate it into the Marvel franchise if she takes the director positions for those movies.

Ava Duvernay Considering Marvel - Will She Direct 'Black Panther' Or 'Captain Marvel' II
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However, this would be another significant event for both Ava DuVernay as well as Marvel. As reports the Wrap, Ava’s directorship would set two milestones for the company, as well as herself.

“Insiders told TheWrap that Marvel is intent on hiring an African-American director for Black Panther and a female filmmaker for Captain Marvel. DuVernay’s hiring would make her Marvel’s first African-American and first female director, which would no doubt double as a public relations boon for the company.”

So, what do you think about it? Do you feel Ava DuVernay will or should take the job? Feel free to comment below.

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