Scott Thompson Yahoo Restructuring Email Leaks

Yahoo E-Mail Leaked, Discusses Scott Thompson’s Restructuring Plans

Yahoo recently announced that it would fire 2,000 workers in an attempt to restructure the company in a way that would allow it to remain profitable while focusing on areas of the company which contain its best performing profit centers. Now an email leaked to AllThingsD showcases some of CEO Scott Thompson’s restructuring plans for the content based firm.

According to the email Yahoo will be divided into three groups: Consumer, Regions and Technology with Penny Baldwin taking over the role of chief marketing officer as the search continues for a replacement in that role.

Being put in charge of a new “transformation team” in the meantime will be John Kremer, that team will be in charge of restructuring the company to create a more lean, cheaper to operate organization.

As previously already announced it was also pointed out that Chief product officer Blake Irving will leave Yahoo in the next few weeks, marking a short two year run at Yahoo.

In the meantime Ross Levinsohn will head up the Consumer group while Shashi Seth will run the connections and networking department. The email failed to announce a new leader for the commerce teams.

The Regions group which will handle Yahoo advertising will actually have three leaders based on geographical location. According to the report those people include:

“Rich Riley for the Americas, Rose Tsou for Asia-Pacific and Christophe Parcot will stand in for the moment managing Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

Managing core platforms and central technology will be Mark Morrissey and David Dibble.

Since taking over as Yahoo’s new CEO Scott Thompson has watched as co-founder Jerry Yang and four board members have stepped down from the firm they once controlled. Known as a turn around artist the former Paypal CEO has said from the start that he would remove and components that didn’t fit his vision for the company and he has remained true to his word.