Jorge Negromonte - Cannibal Killer Fed Mother's Remains To Toddler — But That's Not All

Cannibal Killer Fed Mother’s Remains To Toddler — But That’s Not All

Jorge Negromonte, in a gruesome string of cannibalistic murders, speaks out about his actions. Along with feeding a toddler her own mother’s flesh, he did a lot more.

Jorge committed his acts under his cult, along with two accomplices — his wife, Isabel Pires, and his mistress, Bruna da Silva. The three worked together to “rid the world of low-lifes” and “future thieves.”

Negromonte and his women believed, by dining on the flesh of those they murdered, they were cleansing their souls of the sins committed. He recalled many instances as a blur.

One case in particular was the killing of Jessica Pereira. As reports Mirror and Daily Mail, Jorge and his accomplices lured her to their spot, after promise of a job. Pereira was reportedly treated badly by her father and invited to come live with the trio. After some time, Bruna became jealous of her — as she and Jessica were around the same age.

One day, Jessica announced that she didn’t want to be there any longer and wanted to go home. Negromonte snapped in a sort of “mental health episode.”

It’s reported that they slit her throat and chopped up her body in the bathroom. The cannibalistic man even keeps a book in which he illustrates his thoughts. In that book, there are drawings of Jessica’s murder.

In a sit-down, face-to-face interview with Daily Mail, Jorge thoroughly spoke about his cannibalism method. Jorge, now serving a 23-year-sentence, mentions more of the story.

“I went into her room to try to convince her to stay. I was already starting to have an attack and see the shadows. Bruna came down and I remember her telling me, ‘she can’t go, she’s a bad person, she has no love for her daughter’.

After that I only remember flashes. Blood spurting from her neck, her lifeless body in the bathroom, then her in pieces on the bathroom floor. I only woke up the next day and everything was already clean. The baby was in her cot. Bel [Isabel] and Bruna had cleaned up everything. They had buried her bones in the back yard.

I asked where was Jessica. That’s when Bruna said: ‘Don’t you remember? We had to execute her so she wouldn’t take the girl away, and you were the one who did all the work’.”

Jorge mentions that they fed on Jessica the day after the murder, seasoning her with salt and cumin. And worse, they fed the flesh to Pereira’s own 18-month-old toddler as well. Afterwards, Bruna — now serving a 20-year-sentence — took the daughter as her own and began raising her in their cult’s ways, until she was arrested.

However, even worse yet, the trio had somewhat of a real-life, “Sweeney Todd” lifestyle around the neighborhood. In the interview, Jorge recalls that they used to bake pies that would include human flesh — then would sell them to unsuspecting neighbors and people on the street. According to a sickening account from Negromonte, the taste reminded him of beef.

Though he admits upfront that he did these horrible things, he also says that he was manipulated by Bruna, his mistress. Jorge states that she knew she had full control over him. However, from his interview, he states that anyone could.

“When I have an attack, I see shadows in human form dashing around me, and I hear voices speaking at once, telling me what to do. If someone tells me that a person is wanting to harm me, I will go for them. I have no control over what I’m doing, but other people can use me…

…It’s happened here in the prison…one of the inmates told me something about one of the guards, and I went for him. If he hadn’t closed the metal door behind him at that moment, I would have killed him…

…Bruna knew she could control me. She was the one who wanted to murder the women. It was her idea to eat them, because we had broken the 7th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Kill) and needed to be purified. She convinced me to stop taking my medicines, because she knew that I would start having my attacks and then she could use me…

…Like it or not, if it were not for the presence of Bruna I wouldn’t have done the executions. She was able to dominate me.”

The trio killed three women in these cannibalistic manners. Their names are as follows:

  • Gicelly Helena da Silva, 21
  • Jessica Pereira, 17
  • Alexandra Silva Falcao, 20

It goes to show you never really know what goes on inside a household. To everyone around the neighborhood, they were just a normal family. Jorge was a professor. Isabel was a cook. Bruna looked to be a normal teen.

All in all, what are your thoughts on the cannibalistic family? Do you think their sentences were adequate? Feel free to express in the comments section below.

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