Montez Lee raped teen girl at gunpoint

Chicago Man’s Bail Set at $1.5 Million After Rapping 14-Year-Old Girl At Gunpoint As She Walked Home

A Chicago judge set a man’s bond at $1.5 million last Thursday who was arrested for dragging a 14-year-old girl to the backyard of an abandoned house where he raped her, according to Chicago Tribune.

On March 19, 2014 at approximately 8:36 p.m., 33-year-old Montez Lee was driving in his vehicle when he spotted a young girl – who was alone – walking home on 10100 block of Van Vlissingen Road after staying at a friends’ house. Lee quickly parked his car and began walking towards the girl from behind.

Once he was in arms reach of her, he grabbed her and placed her in a choke hold. He pulled out a silver gun and pointed it at his victim once she started to kick and scream for help. He ordered her to be quiet as he dragged her to the backyard of an abandoned house, and hit her over the head with his gun, according to Cook County Assistant Attorney Barry Quinn.

Holding the gun to the girl’s head, he told her to perform oral sex on him. Afterwards he raped her and forced her to take off all of her clothes and told her to walk away in the opposite direction as him.

He placed her clothes in his bag and fled the scene.

The teen had no choice but to run to her friend’s house without any clothes. The Chicago police was called immediately, and the teen was taken to a nearby hospital.

On May 27, a semen sample found at the crime scene was traced back to Lee. At that point, he was already incarcerated at the Cook County jail on burglary charges. The victim pointed him out as the assailant, and Lee later admitted to rapping the teen by providing the police with a hand written confession, prosecutors said.

He was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault with a firearm.

Lee appeared in court last Thursday where Judge Donald Panarese Jr. set his bond at $1.5 million.

Prior to raping the teen girl, he committed a similar crime on a 15-year-old but was acquitted in 2004.

[Image courtesy of Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]