Tina Knowles flaunts figure for Ebony.

Tina Knowles ‘Ebony’ Pose Channels Beyoncé: Tina’s Ebony ‘Sexy Forever’ Issue And Beyonce Share Slim Secrets [Video]

Tina Knowles, on the cover of Ebony, appears to be channeling Beyoncé. And at 61, Tina is making it clear that her fabulously famous daughter, sometimes known as Queen Bey by the fans in her hive, inherited those gorgeous genes from her mother, reported E! News.

In addition to Beyoncé, 33, Tina is the mother of Solange, 28. But readers of Ebony won’t be thinking of a typical mother-and-apple-pie image when they see the photos of Knowles.

Solange was so impressed by the results of Knowles on the Ebony cover that she shared her rave review on social media to praise her mother publicly.

“Mom Crush Monday. Speaking that real, and looking phenomenal whilst doing so!” posted Beyoncé’s sister.

However, reflecting on how she felt when she was asked to do the Sexy Forever cover, Tina admitted that she hesitated.

Knowles agreed to the Ebony photo shoot only after she considered the women who said that she inspired them.

“When I was asked to do the Sexy Forever Ebony Magazine cover, my first question was, Me Really? I had some reservations but as I thought of all the women who tell me daily that I have inspired them to live a wholehearted life, which includes your sexuality. I am proud to be 61 years old and to not be putting limitations on my lifestyle. We can still be sexy and vibrant, fashionable, classy and fly until the day we die!”

In addition, Tina wore a golden crown on the Ebony cover, living up to her new nickname, Queen T, reported the Daily Mail.

Recently married to Richard Lawson, the 68-year-old Knowles also shared how she stays fit. Queen T relies on Pilates, which she does five days every week.

Upcoming for Tina is a possible TV show that focuses on “getting your groove back.” And Knowles knows something about that topic.

Tina headed to California by herself when she was only 18-years-old, then subsequently took on the challenges of creating a hair salon when she was 34 and had the responsibility of two children. In addition, Knowles entered the competitive world of fashion design by creating Destiny’s Child costumes, followed by her House Of Deréon ready-to-wear attire with her daughter, Beyoncé.

She has two grandchildren. Blue Ivy is 3-years-old, while Daniel is 10. He is the son of Solange.

And indicating just what she’s learned from Tina, Beyoncé revealed just how she got her own fit and fabulous body, as the Inquisitr reported.

While Mama Knowles does Pilates, Queen Bey relies on lunges, arm workouts, and crunches for both calorie burning and toning.

Beyoncé also has become a vegan virtuoso, following a plant-based diet designed to emphasize unprocessed, sugar-free sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. It also helps Beyoncé stay energized, said her trainer, Marco Borges.

“It’s not a diet but rather a way of life,” said Borges. “You’ll experience weight loss, improved sleep, clear skin, increased energy, improved sex drive and more.”

And although it’s not known if Tina also is a vegan, she makes it clear that she also has endless energy. In addition to doting on her daughters and grandchildren, taking time for prayer and good deeds is important to Tina. Knowles told Ebony that she prays each morning and devotes time to causes that help the homeless.

[Image via Ebony / Facebook]